Feroza Adventure Community Indonesia (FACI) Holds 5th Anniversary Event in Jatiluhur,Purwakarta-indonesia

Automotive - The Feroza Adventure Community Indonesia (FACI) Community was established on August 12, 2019 which is fronted by the Chairperson Mr. Selung Sinaga and Mas Dani and other friends.

The Anniversary of the Feroza Adventure Community Indonesia (FACI) Community which was held at Jatiluhur, thank God, went smoothly and other feroza communities in West Java were also present, including the Feroza Bandung Community (FCB), Bandung Feroza Club (BFC), Coperbak, TDI and other Jeep communities.

Hopefully the Feroza Adventure Community Indonesia (FACI) Community will be more compact, always victorious and can be useful for its members and socially. I wish you all good health

With his love for the Daihatsu feroza car unit, which, although with a 4X2 wheel drive concept and equipped with a 1600cc engine, is not a problem for Adventure off road thin with Daihatsu feroza.

The Jeep car with the dashing appearance of the rhino body makes the charisma when using the Daihatsu Feroza even more real. With affordable prices, stubborn machines, and minimal maintenance.

Are you interested in joining the car community? Yes, now the community or car club has mushroomed, especially in big cities. It cannot be denied that a car is no longer a luxury item, but a necessity that must exist, especially for those of you who have high mobility.
Interested in joining the Faci Community..?

Joining the automotive community can also be an option if you have free time and want to add to your relationships. There are several advantages to joining a car community and ways to start joining the community
To enter the car community, the conditions that are met are not difficult. Actually the main requirement is that you have a DAIHATSU FEROZA type car, have a driver's license. So, what are the benefits of joining a car community?
Benefits of Joining the Community

1. Adding Relationships 

2. Add Knowledge
3. Looking for spare parts
4. Touring  and many more

I hope this information is helpful.

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