Get to know Bitcoin and how it works

Teknoto.Net - Bitcoin is a relatively new currency and includes an electronic currency that was created in 2009. Bitcoin is usually used in conducting transactions digitally without using any intermediary here.

Bitcoin itself is processed using a peer-to-peer system, where the system works without a single administrator or storage. This currency is also known as a form of decentralized currency.

This is different from fiat currencies, where Bitcoin is not dependent on a single issuer. This Bitcoin uses a database and is spread and distributed in nodes from the pear to pear network to a transaction journal.

As a new bitcoin user, the first thing you can do to use Bitcoin is by installing a Bitcoin wallet on your cellphone or computer. This step will automatically create the first Bitcoin address.

In this case, you can share your Bitcoin address with other people, so that they can pay and do the opposite. However, Bitcoin addresses should only be used once.

Blockchain is a public transaction record on which the Bitcoin network rests. All confirmed transactions will be stored on this Blockchain.

 That way this Bitcoin wallet can calculate the remaining money that can be spent and also new transactions can be verified to be able to ensure that it is indeed owned by the users. A private key is a transfer transaction made between Bitcoin wallets.


Bitcoin wallets store some secret data which here is also called a private key or seed. In the world of Bitcoin itself there is a term mining or also called Mining. While Mining itself is a system used to confirm the transaction queue.

Regarding ways that can be done to buy Bitcoin yourself, there are currently many applications available for traders or investors to buy it easily. The available applications can be installed and run on your Smartphone or your computer.

By using this application, you can also sell or buy Bitcoin in the right, easy and facilitated way.

Above that is a brief review in that we can explain what Bitcoin is and how it works. Reading the description given above, of course, it will be easier for you to recognize the Bitcoin digital currency.


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