Characteristics and causes of problematic car injectors

Teknoto.Net - There are many things you need to know, for example, the problem with the injector that is not functioning properly. Brothers, you don't need to be confused, maybe this article can be used as a reference for your car unit solution to return to normal.

The fuel injector is a very important component in fuel injection or EFI systems. Its job is to spray/inject fuel into the combustion chamber with the right composition in the order set by the system.

The fuel injection system for a car engine has many advantages, especially in terms of the use of fuel that is more efficient (effective) and ultimately reduces pollution so that the car becomes more environmentally friendly.

Due to the depletion of world oil reserves and the increasing global temperature, automotive manufacturers, including cars and motorcycles, are now abandoning the old technology of the carburetor. Maybe only lawnmowers or home generators still use conventional carburetor technology.

But on the other hand, this sophisticated motorcycle fuel system is not without its flaws. All components are numerous and complex, from the electronic ECU system to the injectors, making them more susceptible to damage.

It's not even damaged, even the machine can't work, for example, settings change/reset with certain consequences. Compare that to a carburetor which is much simpler and primitive when compared to an EFI system, but rarely breaks except for the nozzle, needle, spring, and float, and even then very long.

Insufficient spray pressure is a common problem with fuel injectors. The reason is that the injector pinhole is blocked by dirt, as a result, the stationary is not smooth, not powerful, and the emission test results are not correct. Generally what happens is that the condition of the fuel injectors is not the same in each cylinder, so the supply of gasoline for each cylinder is not the same.

This causes ignition (misfire). When a misfire occurs, the oxygen content is wasted through the exhaust. In cars equipped with oxygen sensors, the oxygen content in the exhaust gases is considered as the ECU where the engine is running in a lean condition.

Furthermore, the ECU instructs the injectors to spray more gasoline, even though this causes the cylinders to get too much gas. Therefore dirty fuel injectors need to be cleaned. The fuel injector needle does not close tightly, so gasoline drips into the combustion chamber.

As a result, the engine is difficult to start, the combustion chamber and spark plug are wet, and dirt makes the spray pattern uneven. As a result, gasoline is wasteful, stationery is not smooth, not powerful, black smoke comes out of the exhaust and the Lambda sensor calculations are messed up.

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