How to Master Mobile Legend Hero?

Teknoto.Net - To be able to master the Hero in the game Mobile Legends game, then here it takes a different amount of time depending on the Hero you want to master. That's because each Hero has a different level of difficulty.

By practicing regularly, later you will definitely be able to master the Hero. You need to learn the Hero first until you are finally quite proficient at using the Hero. The following will be given tips on how so that you can master Hero even faster, including:

How Can You Do It to Master Mobile Legend Hero Quickly?

Understand All the Skills of the Hero

After you buy a new hero, don't immediately play the hero in rank mode. Because after all, it is feared that later it will become a burden. It is better to read first about all the functions of the abilities possessed by the Hero.

Because each Hero of course has 1 advantage. This is done so that you can really maximize the advantages of the Hero and also to be able to find out the weaknesses contained in the Hero you choose.

Learn Combo Skill

After you know all the functions of the abilities possessed by the Hero you choose, then the next step you need to do is learn combo skills and then practice them. Because there later you can do whatever is generally done in gameplay. Such as leveling up, adding gold, making opponent bots, and many other things.

Each Hero must have at least one skill combo that is quite deadly. At that stage, then you need to try to find it. Study each combo until you finally master each combo.

Watch Streaming Professional Player

So that you can quickly master the Hero in this game, it is not enough to experiment independently. You need to follow the example of those who are already professionals. For that, you need to watch the Hero streamers you are studying. Currently, there is a YouTube application where many professional players often stream. You can watch them, then imitate the knowledge they have.

Play in Classic Mode First

After you have all the supplies needed to master Hero, then the next thing you can do is you need to practice classic mode. That way you will get used to playing using the selected Hero

Play in Rank Mode

Next, you have to play in modern to strengthen the skills you have. After you previously obtained the expert logo, then here you can play Hero in rank mode. Rank mode is a means of proving how great your skills are.

Because indeed in that mode you will meet opponents who are truly commensurate, even they can also be greater than your own game. In this way, your abilities will develop very rapidly.

You need to remember, that you should not play solo rank here. You need to invite friends to play because playing solo rank is riskier, you can later experience defeat.

Those were some of the ways you can do so that later you can master the Hero more quickly. Mastering the Hero is something that is absolutely necessary so that you can play Mobile Legend more professionally.


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