What Items Can Be Added to the Jamboard

Teknoto.Net - Google seems to never sleep in presenting new innovations that are added to its digital Jamboard. Not only used as writing tools but many items can be added through tools intentionally added 

With the embedding of many cool features, the learning session will feel more interesting and prevent boredom from the audience. So it is not surprising that this tool can help users in delivering material in online classes more easily and efficiently.

Featured Features Added to Jamboard

People who during the pandemic were forced to make presentations with Zoom Meetings were certainly greatly helped by the sophistication that was added to Jamboard. Here's the full review:

  • Embedding various types of files

In order to support a smooth presentation or delivery of material, sometimes moderators need to display supporting images, documents, audio, or video. For this reason, Google embeds a feature in the form of sticky notes that can help insert sheets, slides, photos, and even Google Docs into the discussion.

In this way, the appearance of the topic will certainly become more attractive so that it can get the full attention of the audience.

  • Connected to the cloud system

This device is automatically connected to the cloud. This allows access to the results of writing that can be done anywhere with the same user account. The system ensures that files can be stored indefinitely and will not be lost even if the device is damaged one day.

  • Supporting enhancements

For remote presentation needs, Google doesn't forget to add supporting devices to its Jamboard product. As for the additional tools, such as built-in speakers, front camera, microphone, and others. 

The front camera is of HD quality so that it can capture images or videos with clear quality. The quality of the speakers and microphones to Jamboard is also unquestionable. The performance of both has been optimal to support the best presentation performance.

  • Log in to a wide variety of devices

Google designed the system that Jamboard uses to be adaptable across all operating systems and devices. So Android users can access presentations through smartphones without having to use a PC. Ease of access is one of the most attractive things Google has to offer on the Jamboard digital board.

  • Connected to the internet

Google is well aware that the internet has become a necessity these days. So it is an obligation for a device to be able to connect to the internet, either Wifi or cellular. Because of this, Jamboard has also been equipped with this capability, which allows users to search for information on the internet during presentations.

  • Choice of use

Just like a board used for writing, Google added special writing tools in the form of a pen and an eraser. So users can convey the material through writing very easily through this tool. 

However, if you find it difficult to use it, the presenter can immediately write and delete using only the touch of a finger. As a supporter of screen sensitivity, this 55-inch device has a display up to 60Hz. Definitely very easy to use for doodles.  

  • Documents can be shared

After making a presentation, the presenters can immediately share their writings on 20 sheets of the Jamboard board. After finishing writing, the file will automatically be saved to Google Drive which has an extraordinary capacity. 

Users just copy the link and then share it en masse with the entire audience. In this way, participants also have at the same time the presentation materials they have listened to.

Google really thought about what sophistication was added to Jamboard to make a presentation look quality and promising. So it can be ascertained that all tools are very useful, not just "displays". For the initial release price of around Rp. 78 million, it is quite worth it considering its sophistication is not kidding.


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