Steps to Create Google Ads? And How to Use Google Ads

using Google Ads

Teknoto.Net - Today's business world cannot be separated from using Google Ads. Various conveniences in advertising are offered by the technology company created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. With this platform, the reach of advertising is made unlimited. Anyone around the world can be targeted as a potential customer.

Easy Steps to Create a Google Ads Account

Before starting to use Google Ads, make sure you have an account first by following the registration instructions below:

  • Make sure you already have a Google account by registering on the platform.

  • Go to their official website page at After successfully logging in, click “Start”.

  • There will be an option “Sign in with a Google account” click that option if you already have one. However, if you want to log in with another account later, you can take the option to leave the column blank and select “I don't have a site yet”.

  • Don't forget to check the "Yes" column if users want Google Ads to send performance suggestions and various assistance later.

  • Then select the country or region where the payment transaction will be made. Make sure to choose the correct location where users can receive PINs by mail. This will also be useful in conducting transactions in the future because users cannot change their location arbitrarily in the future.

  • Then do a review of the terms and conditions of using Google Ads carefully, if you have checked the "I Agree" option.

  • Finally, select "Start Using Adsense" then the user can log into his account and carry out activities related to the use of Google Ads.

Easy Ways to Use Google Ads

After the user has an account by following the steps above, then Google Ads can then be used to advertise in the following ways:

  • Sign in to the Google Ads account by clicking "login" via the page /Adsense/start. 

  • Next, the system will immediately serve users with the “Pick a Goal for Your Ads” column. There are many options to choose from that are tailored to the goals of the desired advertising

  • After selecting goals, determine the location of the business by marking the map presented as a range of locations. Users are free to determine the extent of the desired user target even overseas. 

  • Select the business category advertised using Google Ads to make it easier for the system to find advertising goals.

  • Do not forget to choose copy as a paid search. In making sentences, Google limits it to a maximum of only 30 characters for copy, and 80 letters for the body of the ad. With this limitation, users are asked to make copywriting that is informative but not long-winded.

  • Furthermore, users can enter photos related to their business. You can take product photos, designs, locations, and much more.

  • Then the user will enter the advertising cost setting column. Google makes it easy through the "Pay per Click" feature. So the ad will be paid only if the audience visits the ad. In this way, marketing costs can be reduced.

  • After setting the fee, the user enters the desired payment method option. There are two ways to choose, namely: paying by credit card, or bank transfers.

Advertising a business using Google Ads does have a myriad of advantages. But before registering, of course, it is important for entrepreneurs to understand the target market of their business so that they can determine the audience more precisely. That way the appearance of the ad will be more targeted and able to bring in more customers.


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