Are Ads Paid? And How to Advertise on Google Ads?

how to advertise on Google Ads

Teknoto.Net - As a business owner, equipping yourself with the knowledge of how to advertise on Google Ads is an absolute must reach AdSense makes it easier for the product to reach a wider market share. This is an advantage of digital advertising techniques compared to conventional methods.

Forerunner Platform Google

Ads itself is an advertising tool that was first released in 2000. At first, the platform was called GoogleAdWord with a slightly different system from Adsense now. Where initially advertisers are charged a monthly fee, then Google will manage the advertising.

Then in its development, Google designed this platform to make it easier to use. That's why they created to display a more user-friendly. That way advertisers can "mix" AdSense needed to then manage them independently.

Advantages of Using Google Ads

Here are the advantages of advertising using Google Adsense, namely:

  • Can manage costs independently

In contrast to conventional advertising systems, using Google Adsense entrepreneurs can "mix" the price of their own ad impressions. This price adjustment system is certainly good news for MSMEs because they can still advertise according to their capital.

  • More specific target audience

Users can determine the types of audiences that will serve their ads. That way AdSense will be more targeted so that it allows sales to increase.

  • Optimization of the display of

The display can be made as attractive as possible using tools that are already available to Google Ads users.

Check out How to Advertise on Google Ads

Various advantages are offered by Google Ads, therefore not a few people are interested in reaching a wider market. Here's how to easily advertise on Google Ads, namely:

  • Enter the Google Ads site with the address at, then select "Start Now".

  • In the "Campaign Purpose" column, enter the reasons and objectives why this ad should be done. Google will help determine the reasons for increasing: brand awareness and reach, product sales, website traffic, number of subscribers, and more.

  • Select display, then click “Next.”

  • Click again on the purpose of the ad execution and specify the target language you want to achieve in the column that has been determined.

  • Determine the type of audience you want to target, the more specific it is, the more precise it will be.

  • Look at the daily budget for running the ad. At this stage, the user will be asked to specify a Bid at the same time. This feature allows for two choices, namely: the price rate is determined by Google, or determined by the user by typing the nominal itself.

  • After clicking “Next”, the registrant will enter a column containing a follow-up story about the advertised business. Then select “Save and Continue”.

  • Then enter keywords that are relevant to the product, then select “Save and Continue”.

  • Make the appearance of the ad as attractive and unique as possible by creating the most appropriate title and description, then proceed to the next process.

  • The last step is to make billing details regarding the payment method, both nominal and when the billing can be done.

With the way of advertising on Google Ads, now everyone can create their own unique and specific marketing techniques. Of course, that way, the advertising that appears can be more competitive and varied for the audience.


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