7 Tiktok Video Editing Apps

Teknoto.Net - As we all know that Tiktok is one of the most popular applications today. The content presented in the application is quite creative and also interesting.

That's why there are so many Tiktok account owners who always try to make their videos to be the best and most interesting videos to watch. In this review, we will give some recommendations for Tiktok video applications that can be used for those of you who like to create content on Tiktok, including:

What Tiktok Video Editing Applications Can Be Used?


The VN application is one of the free applications that can be used without paying. Using this app will allow you to create interesting Tiktok videos. The ease of using the VN application is also one of the reasons why many Tiktok users choose to use VN in editing their videos.

In addition, the features embedded and contained in this application are also very capable. For example, transitions, filters, slow motion, effects, and so on.

KineMaster Pro

The next recommended Tiktok video editing application is the KineMaster Pro video editor. It can be said that this application is the most professional video editing application. Because of its appearance and function, it has similarities with video editing applications that you often find on computer devices.

The application is indeed quite easy to use in editing videos that you want to post on the Tiktok application. You can cut songs, merge videos and provide various kinds of transitions.


The next recommendation is the Vizmato application which allows you to combine and create videos that you have to be one in the same frame.

The advantages of the Vizmato application are in the themes and features. There are at least 20 filters and themes that you can combine, making the video look even cooler and more interesting to watch.


The Magisto application is also included in a video editing application that can be used for free. You can get the latest features by using this application. The editing template allows you to automatically apply frame effects and transitions to videos.

In addition, in Magisto, licensed music is available that you can use to make your videos even more beautiful.

Lomotif Music

If here you are still often confused in finding the music contained in Tiktok videos, then this Lomotif Music application is the type of application that is highly recommended for you.

Because by using Lomotif Musik you no longer need to bother looking for and downloading the music you want to combine with your videos.


One application that you can use to edit TikTok videos without paying is very popular and is one of the best applications, namely SNOW. By using this application you can later add filters, effects, and transitions.

In addition, SNOW also provides up-to-date content that it will make your videos look much more beautiful.

Vinkle Music

The last recommendation for the Tiktok video editing application is Vinkle Musik. To get a transition effect that is so stunning, then you should use this Vinkle Musik. There are many choices of transition effects with very good quality. Besides that, adding music with favorite songs can also be done with this one application.


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