Where to Find Books Online? Here are 8 Sites to Read and Download Books Online for Free

Teknoto.Net - Where to find books online that are free and easy to download? Maybe some people have this question because now people's interest in reading physical books has been replaced by virtual books which are considered more efficient and compatible.

Especially for book lovers, being able to read books online or offline on smartphones and laptops/PCs is highly sought after. In order to be able to search and read books online, you will need some supporting applications. Anything? Let's see the list below!

8 Sites to Read and Download Books Online for Free

For those of you who are confused about finding an online book site, below we will tell you the right site where to find books online. Among others:

1. openlibrary.org

There are more than 20 million online book collections that you can download and read on this site. This site is an open project site, where you can also add books based on the theme.

2. manybooks.net

On this page, there are already more than 15 thousand authors of books consisting of various genres. You can read and download books for free on this site that has been operating since 2005.

3. bookboon.com

If you are interested in business and marketing genre books, then this site can be the right reference for you.

4. ebookdirectory.com

There are about 20 thousand more types of books that you can download for free on this one. You can find various genres such as marketing, recipes, comedy, history, and others.

5. ebooklobby.com

On this site, you can find various types of books and genres of books that you need. Interestingly, you will also be provided with the following information with reference to the download links for the top 10 books.

6. gutenberg.org

On this site, there are more than 60 thousand books that are ready for you to download and read online. Interestingly, if you are interested in classic books then this site is the answer.

7. bookyards.com

On this one site, it is quite a hassle, because you have to write the author's name in the search field. Therefore, it is highly recommended to remember the name of the author so that it is easier to find the book in question.

8. books.google.com

This Google default site is also widely used by internet users. Most of the books provided have to be paid for, but not a few can be downloaded for free.

Interesting isn't it? Come on, read a book!


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