How to Use Teleconference on Google Hangout for Beginners? This is the Step!

Teknoto.Net - Since the pandemic hit the world, chat applications, as well as video calls, have become the choice of many people so that they can still communicate with loved ones. This includes office workers, who use teleconferences on Google Hangouts to stay connected to their offices and clients.

But unfortunately, there are still people who don't understand how to use teleconferencing on Google Hangouts. Even though all the features in the application made by Google are also no less sophisticated than other video calling applications.

Wondering how to use teleconference right in the Google Hangout app? Come on, keep reading until the end of the review!

Steps to Use Teleconferencing on Google Hangout

Not many people know that the Google Hangout application is an application that has been successfully developed by Google since 2013. As a chat and video call communication application, Hangout makes it easy for users to make two-way communication with friends in contact.

To be able to use this application is actually not too troublesome, because you only need a Gmail account to be able to conduct teleconferences which can accommodate up to 250 participants. Interestingly, this application is also claimed to be able to broadcast live teleconferencing and can be viewed by up to 100 thousand viewers in one domain.

This application can not only be used by professionals but can also be used by teachers and students who need a device to continue teaching and learning activities.

So, how to use teleconference on Google Hangout? Curious, right? Come on, see the steps below!

Google Hangout Teleconference on PC

The first step is to use a PC device, as for the steps, namely:

  1. Open the Google Hangout site ( via the device's existing browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari)
  2. The "Join or Start a Meeting" button will appear, you click.
  3. Create a meeting title or code that will be used for the meeting (the code can be left blank if not needed).
  4. Wait a moment, because the site will ask for permission to be able to access the camera and mic. When ready, the “Join Now” option will appear if you want to create a virtual meeting room. Or “Present” if you want to make a presentation via a PC screen.
  5. If the teleconference room is ready, the next step is to share the video conference code or link with the people you want to invite. Or you can also use an email address.

Google Hangout Teleconference on HP

Teleconferencing can not only be done through PC devices but also on cellphones. The following are the steps you can follow, including:

  1. Download and install the Google Hangout application on your HP device
  2. Then sign in using your Gmail address
  3. Click the “+” button in the bottom right corner and then click “New Video Call”.
  4. Next, you will be asked to add chat participants using your mobile number or email.
  5. If you are one of the participants invited by the organizer then you simply click the link that has been sent via SMS or your email. After that Adna automatically joins the video conference.
  6. So that no intruders enter the meeting, you should make sure again that the invitation is only for participants who already have a G Suite account!

How it turns out that it's very easy, isn't it the way to use teleconference on Google Hangouts on PCs and cellphones?


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