How to Search for Books on Google? It Turns out Easy To Do!

Teknoto.Net - The growing era does not only affect the development of the world, but also technology that is increasingly sophisticated and makes it easier for humans. One of them is reading books which can now also be done virtually. How to search for books on Google is the most searched search done by internet users.

Because who would have thought that Google, which has been used as an information search tool, can actually be used to find interesting books to read through commonly used gadgets.

As a book lover, of course, you are also curious about how to search for books on Google? Well, instead of being curious, it's better to just look at the ways below, let's go!

How to Search for Books on Google

There are many ways that you can do to search for books on google, one of which is by using an application. But before discussing the other ways, below is an easier way for you to use when searching for books on Google. Among others:

  1. Go to the Google page then select "BOOK", it looks almost similar to the Google page you usually use.
  2. In the search field, you enter the title of the book you want to read
  3. Then click Enter or OK
  4. After that, you will be taken to the page of the collection of books you want to read.
  5. If you have found the title of the book you want to read, you just have to click "Preview" which is right below the book title.
  6. And you can already read books online at Google Books.

How, very interesting to try is not it? With Google Books, there is no longer any reason not to read books. You can read your favorite books anywhere and anytime, the most important thing is don't forget to provide a quota to read books virtually on Google!

Not only that, but besides being able to read books online you can also read them offline. The method is quite easy, that is, you only need to download it using a supporting application that you can download for free on the Play Store or App Store application services. I hope the review is useful!


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