How to Chat on Google Hangouts? Here's The Right Way You Can Do It!

Teknoto.Net - In this digital era, two-way communication is very much needed. Especially now that there are many chat applications that can be downloaded for free, including Hangout. However, unfortunately, there are still many who do not understand how to chat on Google Hangout.

If you look closely, the appearance of Google Hangout is not much different from other chat applications, such as WhatsApp. However, different applications will usually also have different policies in them.

Well, as an internet user who likes to share information with friends via smartphone devices, of course, you are also curious, aren't you talking about how to chat on Google Hangouts? Instead of being curious, let's look at the interesting reviews below!

How to Chat and the Benefits of Using Google Hangout

As an internet user, it is very important to know how to chat in the default application from Google. Although the appearance is not much different from other chat applications, of course with different policies.

So, below are step by step things you can do if you want to chat on Google Hangouts, including:

  1. The first step you have to do is download and install the Hangout app on the Play Store app service for Android or the App Store for iPhone.
  2. Then open the application that is already installed on your gadget.
  3. When the application opens you will be asked to enter an email address, generally Google Hangouts sync with your Gmail address.
  4. On the home page of the application, there is a green “+” button. You click and select the contact number of your friend who is already using the Hangout application as well. And chat activities are ready to be done.

It doesn't stop there, besides being able to be used for chat communication with friends or coworkers. It turns out that Google's default application also has several advantages that people rarely know about. Anything?

Benefits of Chatting on Google Hangouts

Although not many people understand how to chat on Google Hangouts, not a few people feel comfortable having two-way communication through the chat application.

Because in fact there are several advantages that can be obtained from this chat application, including:

  • You can create a status or feeling that you are feeling in the status feature in the application.
  • You can also snooze notifications that come into the application for a set period of time. Starting from 1 hour to 1 week.
  • You can invite friends or colleagues to use this application via short messages sent via SMS.
  • You can create a special group whose content you can define yourself, just choose the contacts from friends or colleagues that you need.
  • You can also save messages from friends via the “Archive” feature.
  • You can also change the desired email address in one application according to your needs without having to log out.
  • Chat activities can also be transferred to Gmail, which will make it easier for you to open the email on your computer while chatting on Google Hangout.

How, very interesting isn't the advantage presented by the Google Hangout application? Even with the tutorial on how to chat on Google Hangout as we have described above, hopefully, it can help you. And what is certain is that your activities to find information through chat with friends or colleagues become easier. Good luck!


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