How Many Free Google Slides Templates Can You Use? Here's the Answer!

Teknoto.Net - It's no secret that to make presentation slides you need a template that is not only attractive but also pleasing to the eye. Now you no longer need to look for templates, because in Google Slides free templates there are many choices that you can use easily and even for free.

The free Google Slides template provided by the Google Slides application is almost similar to Ms. Powerpoint. The difference is, the templates on Google Slides are much more compatible and can be customized according to your needs. Curious how many templates are available on Google Slides? Come on, read the review to the end!

Free Google Slides Templates That Can Be Used

As a professional who presents projects to prospective clients or existing clients, of course, you must be able to create slides that are not only attractive but also able to attract the attention of clients. Because it is very common, the material that will be used as a presentation will be an assessment for clients who pay attention to it.

Well, here are several types of templates available on Google Slides that you can choose according to your needs. Anything? Here's the list:


  • Lesson Plan
  • Book Report
  • Field Trip
  • FlashCards
  • Science Project
  • Science Fair
  • Student Certificate

Office (Office)

  • Prototyping Presentation
  • Consulting Proposal 1
  • Pitch created by GV
  • Status Report
  • Case Study
  • Consulting Proposal 2
  • Professional Profile
  • Employee Certificate
  • Personal (Personal)

General Presentation

  • Your Big Idea created by Made to Stick
  • Photo Album
  • Portfolio
  • Lookbook
  • Party Invite
  • Yearbook
  • Recipe Showcase

In total, there are 23 templates that you can use to create slides in the free Google Slides templates. Interestingly, all templates can be made according to the needs that the user needs.

Not only office people can use the free templates provided by Google Slides, but also by many people. Examples such as teachers or school students, students, personal, and many more. You can make it easily anytime and anywhere.

In addition, there are many more advantages of Google Slides that Google users must know. Anything? Here are the advantages obtained from Google, including:

  1. It can be obtained for free in application services such as the Google Play Store or in the App Store.
  2. Files or data that have been created automatically have been saved, so you don't have to worry about data being lost when the device used to create the slides suddenly shuts down.
  3. The application is already synced with the email address, so you can simply download an additional application in the form of Google Drive to store all the data that you have created.
  4. It can be done anywhere and anytime, you don't have to make it on a laptop or PC because now making slides on a smartphone can also be done easily and practically.
  5. There are many template options that you can use according to your needs. You can also insert videos, photos, or audio in the slides to make the display more attractive.
  6. And the most important advantage is that you no longer need to bother moving files to other devices because as mentioned in the previous point, files are automatically saved in the application.
  7. You can share files with friends or clients without the hassle of sharing them via email or other apps. Just add the email addresses of friends or relatives, so they can easily access the files you've created.

Interesting isn't it? Come on, create a free Google Slides template that is in the default application from Google!


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