Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Hangouts You Should Know Before Installing

Teknoto.Net - Who would have thought that the applications developed by big companies like Google are very useful. One application that is widely used by office workers is the Hangout application. But before you are curious about the application, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages of Google Hangout.

Because it turns out that there are advantages and disadvantages to Google Hangout that you must know before you decide to download and install it on your HP device. Even though it looks simple and looks ordinary, in fact, this application still has its fans, especially for office workers.

Well, if you are curious about what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Hangout, below we have summarized it for you. Come on, watch to the end!

Google Hangout Benefits, Advantages, and Disadvantages

The Google Hangout application is a chat application developed by Google, which functions as a portable two-way communication tool that can be done anywhere and anytime.

With this chat application, Google has very high confidence that its application which has been developed since 2013 is able to compete in an increasingly sophisticated era.

Applications that have a simple appearance and green color can not only be used as a communication tool in the form of short messages or chats. But it can also do many things like other chat or messenger applications. Examples are video calls and phone calls made online.

Before we discuss further the advantages and disadvantages of the Hangout application, there is nothing wrong if you first know what the benefits are from this application made by Google.

Google Hangouts Benefits and Uses

Actually, what are the benefits of the Google Hangout application? Curious? The following are some of the benefits, uses, and functions of the Google Hangout application, including:

  1. You can create short messages like SMS by using Google Hangout
  2. You can type chat while making video calls with up to 10 people at once
  3. You can also chat like short messages in other applications, and much more when you use this application.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Google Hangouts App

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of this application? Well, here are the advantages and disadvantages. Among others:

Disadvantages of Google Hangouts

  • It looks almost like other chat applications
  • The number of users is still relatively small
  • Not everyone knows and is familiar with this application, only some people use it
  • For cellphones with small RAM, this application is not recommended at all
  • It has few features, unlike other chat applications

Advantages of Google Hangouts

  • The user interface must be taken into account
  • The application is fairly easy to use by all circles
  • Can send chat while making video calls
  • Just use your Gmail or Google account for registration
  • Can also be used to send short messages in the form of SMS

Interesting isn't it? Those are the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of Google Hangout that you should know. Knowing what are the benefits, advantages, along with the disadvantages of this application, can help those of you who are confused about whether to download it or not. Hopefully, the reviews that we have provided can be the right reference and can be useful for the people around you.


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