The Google Finance formula is important for investment decisions

Teknoto.Net - Google stub tools with reliable features to build a portfolio, namely the Google Finance formula. Because, without mature consideration, you will face a high risk of loss.

Definition of Google Finance

You can use this application to get information related to stocks. In addition, it can also be used to monitor your investment portfolio. Investors can learn how to invest, even before planting money in it.

Other features that you can enjoy are news offerings related to the stock and financial markets. You can use the news before investing. Using the information in it investors is easy to regulate the right strategy.

How to Make a Goggle Finance Formula

How to make a Google Finance Formula, you can follow after creating an account with the following steps:

  • Before creating a portfolio, you can create a Google account first.
  • The next step is to create an account, then you can click on the portfolio.
  • Add shares and mutual funds that you want to track their values ​​every day.

Use Overview mode to see several components, namely:

  • Stock price
  • Stock movement
  • Market Cap
  • Stock trading volume
  • The price index is both high and low every day.

You can also use the fundamental method that refers to the value:

  • Final price of the stock
  • Stock average volume
  • Market Cap
  • Index for high and low prices for 52 weeks.
  • P / E.
  • Eps.

Interestingly, this application can change this in accordance with the investment decision. To do this only need to click Edit portfolio and make changes. You can also change the currency to be used in portfolio monitoring.

The stock transaction you make can be tracked through the Edit Transaction menu. In addition, you can also do data inputs and shares that you want to sell it off. Good for the date along with the price.

To better understand the Google Finance formula, you are also mandatory to get to know the terms in it. So that it can analyze in-depth and can make the right decision.


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