Is Google Slides Paid, It's Strengths and Disadvantages

Teknoto.Net - There are many questions about whether Google Slides is paid. Google Slides can be used for free as long as you already have a Google account, are connected to the internet, and have downloaded from the Play Store.

Comparing whether Google Slides is paid for with other similar tools? Then the answer is no because Google Slides can be downloaded for free. Then use it free of charge as long as it is still connected to the internet. But, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Google Slides? Here's the description

Is Google Slides Paid, It is Pros and Cons

Is Google Slides paid and what are the pros and cons? Google Slides along with Google Sheets and Google Docs are free apps that can be downloaded from the play store.

The following is a description of the advantages and disadvantages of Google Slides that you must know, including:

Disadvantages of Google Slides

The most notable drawback of Google Slides is that it must be used online. If the signal is often interrupted, the work will stop. In addition, the choice of templates and effects is not too much.

Advantages of Google Slides

Free compared to similar applications that are paid on average. Compatible with Powerpoint and easy to sync with other built-in Google applications.

Although limited in terms of effects, you can include elements of external effects such as photos and files with various extensions. If you want to work on a task that comes from another similar application, it can be applied directly without much difficulty.

With Google Slides employees and students can collaborate on presentations. In the manufacturing process, they can make corrections to each other quickly and in real-time. Can reach group members up to tens of people.

Google Slides also saves your work in the cloud with considerable storage power. So you don't have to worry about it getting lost.

It's not enough with all these advantages, there are other advantages, namely the ease of inserting videos from Youtube, or other sources. Then, most importantly, the results of a neat presentation can be directly transferred to the website.

Is Google Slides paid? Not! Google Slides is free and easily connects with other Google apps. Make it easy for workers and students to create attractive and complete presentation files.

It can be done at home, even though it is group work because each member can monitor and correct online. So easy right?


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