How to Make Google Sheets Accessible to Everyone, Try This Easy Step!

Teknoto.Net - It's important to know how to make Google Sheets accessible to everyone, especially for collaborative projects. This Google Sheet platform can be accessed via an application or a browser with a desktop view.

By understanding how to make Google Sheets accessible to as many people as possible, you no longer have to worry about moving data from one device to another. Or email one by one the data you want to share with colleagues or clients.

Steps to Make Google Sheets Accessible to Others

Actually, how to use and utilize this application is very easy, it's just that it takes the right accuracy. In order not to be curious anymore, let's look at the following explanation on how to make Google Sheets accessible to everyone.

Spreadsheet File Sharing

The first step, share the spreadsheet file with everyone via the link. Open the file first, then click the share menu and enter an email address. This email address belongs to the person you want to share the spreadsheet file with.

Then, select the access you grant, including commenters, editors, and view-only. After that, just click on the available shipping information. If you don't want to be complicated, there are other ways that can be done by sharing file links.

Copy the link to the spreadsheet file that has been opened, then share it via your preferred platform. Later people who receive and click on the link will immediately open the Google Sheet file. This method can be chosen if you do not know the email address of the person you want to share the file with.

Emailing Collaborators

One way to make Google Sheets accessible to everyone is to email Collaborators. Its function is to send messages to Collaborators that are too long to write through the comments field. Just send an email to collaborators by clicking on the file, then add a subject and message.

Setting the Sharing Activity Expiration Date

The activity of sharing Google Sheet files with others can also be limited by setting an expiration date. To do this, click on the share section of the spreadsheet file that has been opened and tap on advanced options. Then, hover over the email address you'd like to end the time-out with.

Next, change the timeout for file sharing by setting a date. Click save changes to end the process. Don't forget to tell people whose access you have restricted so that they don't have trouble opening files.

Restrict Sharing, Printing, Downloading, and Copying Activities

The last stage, limit the activity of sharing, downloading, copying, and printing to the people who have been selected. Click in the share file section, then tap on advanced options. Later there will appear an option to disable the option to download, print, copy for commenters which you have to click.

This method is useful for limiting file access to a specified email address. This access restriction can be done if later the file wants to be opened by itself. This access restriction can be done to certain people and not to all email addresses.

By providing these limits, you don't have to worry if the data or files that have been created are lost.

That's an interesting review on how to make Google Sheets accessible to everyone, it's quite easy, isn't it? Take advantage of the features already provided by Google Sheets to manage files optimally. This sharing feature can make it easier for you to collaborate online.


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