Getting Started with Google Slides and How to Quickly Add Slides


Teknoto.Net - The first step in starting Google Slides and how to add slides start with connecting the device to connect to the internet first. Google Slides is an application to quickly create online presentations.

Many people have started to switch to this application because it is considered easy and also looks better than Ms. Powerpoint. In addition, there is also a very interesting feature, namely autosave, where all data that has been created can be saved automatically without having to be saved to another device.

It's just that so that it can be saved automatically and get a variety of interesting slides, you have to make sure that your work is connected to the internet.

So, are you more curious about this interesting presentation application? Come on, see the following explanation of how to start Google Slides and add new slides to it.

Easy Steps to Make Google Slides

Here are some easy ways to create Google Slides, including:

Starting a New Google Slides Page

In the first step, you have to start a new page in Google Slides which can be used for free. Open the Google Slides site in a browser to bring up the start page for creating a new presentation. For beginners, there is no need to worry because the features on this platform are very easy to understand.

Google Slides has a simple look and features, but still supports making interesting presentations. This desktop-based application only lists these features that can be used to create presentations only. Later, presentations created through Google Slides will be stored online and can be downloaded.

Creating a New Google Slides Presentation

How to create a new presentation on this platform is quite easy, namely, the user must first log in to a Google Account. then, click on the Google Drive menu option and tap on the New icon. Continue by selecting Google Slides so that later you can immediately be directed to a new page of a blank presentation.

Next, it's time to set the presentation format that will be made by determining the theme first. Click on the Themes column to have the desired basic theme according to the presentation topic. In addition, you can use the import theme that has been saved on the device by clicking the import theme option.

Adding Slides

The first step to start Google Slides and how to add the next slide is by clicking the + (add) icon at the top left. Then a new slide will appear with the title and body display. If you want to add more slides, you only need to click the + icon according to the number you want.

Slides that have been added can also be edited or deleted if they are not as desired. The trick, click the slide to be deleted first, then select the edit menu and tap delete. Alternatively, right-click the slide thumbnail and tap on the delete slide option.

Google Side Navigation

Finally, you can navigate the slides so that the desired presentation results can be perfect. This slide navigation is done by adding relevant text and media according to the presentation theme. Then, add animations that can make people more interested in listening to the Google Slides presentation.

Getting started with Google Slides and how to add slides is pretty simple to try. The above method is also easy to do for those of you who are first time using Google Slides. Make presentations as attractive as possible with the simple features of Google Slides to make the work easier.


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