What can be sold on NFT other than selfies

Teknoto.Net - Since the photo collection of Ghozali, a young man from Semarang, Indonesia, has been sold as an NFT product, this token has become a hot topic of discussion. What can actually be sold on NFT? Is it just a selfie that is converted into an NFT product or can it be something else?

Before Ghozali's viral NFT selfie, NFT itself has been around for a long time in the cryptocurrency world. In addition to Ghozali's selfie photos, which are expensive, there are also several NFTs purchased by fans at exorbitant prices.

History of Non-Fungible Token-NFT

From the data found, this NFT or non-fungible token is a digital asset that cannot be exchanged with other assets. The value of A's 1 Bitcoin will be equal to B's 1 Bitcoin, so they can be exchanged. However, this is not the case for NFT. The value of A's 1 and B's NFTs may differ depending on the value assigned to them by their creators and the NFT market as a whole.

Each NFT has a unique blockchain stamp on it. For example, with 1US$ you make NFT A, the next day you make another NFT B with 1 US$. The value of your two NFTs will not be the same value in the NFT market later, even though they both start with 1 US$. Got it up to here?

The origins of NFT itself stem from the Colored coin in 2012. This coin is Bitcoin that is intentionally 'colored'. The goal is for the Bitcoin coin to be unique and different from other Bitcoins and its value also does not depend on its base value.

These are Crypto Punks, the characters that were presented in digital form, and the first NFT that existed in 2017 on the Ethereum network. Then came the NFT Crypto Kitties, which successfully reproduced digitally in 2018. The NFT “crazy” was made even more when the Twitter CEO helped make NFT represent its first twitter and sold over $2.9 million.

So what can be sold on NFT? Should I make NFT on Twitter? Do you have to take selfies like Ghozali in front of your computer for five years and then sell them for the same price? The answer is: No! Because NFTs get their value on-demand from the digital world they accept. Maybe your selfies aren't as cool as Ghozali or as popular as Dorsey's tweets are, but the digital artwork is attracting interest from the NFT community.

What can be sold on NFT

From the above review, it is clear that anything that can be sold on NFT is digital assets that represent real-world objects. These digital assets can be something like:

1. Game Items

Unlike other platforms, on NFT it is not video games that are sold in their entirety. But the items in the game, such as weapons, characters, skins, and others.

2. Music

If you are interested in the music industry, then it never hurts to sell your work on NFT. Because there you can make millions of dollars if your work is liked.

3. Virtual Fashion

Not much understand with this one product, it's just that if you can create virtual fashion you can get billions of rupiahs.

4. Memes

If you can create unique and funny memes, NFT can be a great opportunity to earn big money too.

5. Social Media Accounts

Some time ago there was someone who managed to sell other people's tweets on social media at high prices on NFT. Maybe you can try it too!

In addition to the 5 examples of products above, there are still several others that you can try to sell, such as various online goods, domain names, sports activities, and trading cards. What do you think? Interested in making NFT selfies too?


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