What is a Business Model Canvas and Examples?

Teknoto.Net - One of the things that many people dream of is having their own business. Being an entrepreneur who runs his own business is certainly a very pleasant thing. But even so, building a business is not an easy thing to do, especially for those of you who have minimal experience.

Therefore, a businessman needs to design his business as well as possible. One of them is by using the business model canvas. Meanwhile, to find out more information about the canvas model business, see the review below!

What is a Business Model Canvas?

The business model canvas is a business concept that is currently being applied a lot because it has a structure that is considered better. In this business model canvas, the management framework of a business is created to be able to design how the business strategy will need to be implemented.

One example of large companies that have implemented the canvas business model is Toyota, Honda, and also Amazon. Like the name of this business model, the business model canvas is made in the form of an image of an idea.

So that everyone will have a real and equal understanding of the type of customer, expenses, how the company works, and so on. This type of business model was first discovered in 2005 by a man named Alexander Osterwalder. He is a businessman from Switzerland.

With this simple framework, this canvas business model makes it easy for business people to be able to see an overview of planning, realization, and business ideas more quickly and precisely.

But not only that, but you will also be faster to be able to make the best decisions that must be made regarding whether the business idea that is being run is profitable or not.

At least in the business model canvas, it consists of 9 main pillars, including the following:

1. Value Proposition: why will customers choose to use your product (goods or services)? What are the advantages offered and not owned by other competitors?

2. Customer segment: the question for this pillar is who will be the customers of your product? And who is willing to pay for it?

3. Channels: How do consumers find out about the product you are selling? How do you get the product into the hands of consumers? Is it effective enough or not?

4. Customer Relationship: How do you ensure that consumers continue to use your products?

5. Key Activities: so that the company's targets can be achieved, what strategies must be implemented?

6. Revenue Streams: How and what products should be sold later?

7. Key Resources: so that the business can compete with competitors, what assets must be owned?

8. Key Partnerships: Who do you think the vendor or supplier will most determine the success of the business you are in?

9. Cost Structures: what expenses will be required to run the business model? And what cost components are also needed in each element such as key resources, key activities, and channels?

Well, that's the discussion that can be explained about the business model canvas, and I hope this article is useful.


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