What are the Pests of Palm Plants?

Agriculture - One of the plants that are beneficial to a person is the oil palm. Oil palm is a type of plant that produces palm oil that grows in plantations and becomes a source of income for the people of Indonesia.

While this plant is only developed by a few regions, such as Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and still other regions. As we all know, whatever plants are managed, of course, some pests interfere with these plants.

Although not much, it is important for us to pay attention to the problem of plants being managed. On this occasion, we will explain several types of pests that can interfere with oil palm plants. For those of you who are curious, then see the brief review below!

What Kinds of Pests Are Dangerous for Palm Plants?

1. Oryctes rhinoceros beetle

One of the pests that can interfere with this palm oil plant is the Oryctes rhinoceros beetle. This is a type of pest that is quite dangerous for these plants, especially for young plants. Because this pest can cause the plant to die when it starts to rot as a result of the pest having reached the point of growth.

Therefore, you need to overcome this. You can keep your garden clean by removing and burning garbage and dirt in the oil palm plantation area so that the pest larvae die.

2. Fruit Bunch Borer

When the oil palm plant is still young, which is approximately 4 years. So make sure that you can take good care of it. This is because young oil palm plants are susceptible to attack by pests, one of which is the fruit bunch borer.

This pest attacks plants by laying their eggs on fruit bunches. If the eggs have hatched, then the larvae or caterpillars will make holes in the oil palm fruit. Of course, this is a very detrimental thing for you as a person who builds a palm oil business.

Because the larvae or caterpillars that make holes in oil palms can eat flowers, both male and female. So that the flowers that are attacked by the caterpillar will fall, and when the caterpillars gnaw on the fruit, the oil palm fruit will fall out and not develop properly.

3. Red Mites

The next pest that is also dangerous for oil palm plants is red mites. This red mite is commonly called Oligonychus which attacks the leaves on oil palm plants. This type of pest needs to be watched out for during the dry season or the weather is hot.

Because at that time this one pest can live and grow rapidly and can also be dangerous for oil palm plants. Measuring about 0.5 mm, this red mite lives along with the bones of the leaflets and while sucking the leaf juice on oil palm plants.

This causes the color of the leaves to instantly change to a shiny and brownish color. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to oil palm plants and need to be wary of Red Mite pests. It can be said that this red mite is quite dangerous because in the seedling season it can cause damage to the seeds.

4. Nematode Rhadinaphelenchus acidophilus

Besides Mera Mites, the Nematode Rhadinaphelenchus acidophilus is a type of pest that is also dangerous for oil palm plants. Leaves on palm trees that are brightly colored and fresh are discolored and dry simply because of this type of pest. So that it can affect the plant.

Meanwhile, to overcome this you need to give poison with sodium arsenite. It aims to eradicate the source of infection. That way you can burn it when the plant is dead.


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