Want to enter Google News SEO, understand the 4 criteria to qualify

Teknoto.Net - Entering Google News SEO is the dream of every blog and website owner. SEO is one way to get your site or website in search traffic on Google. 

But, the time period is quite long if you want maximum results. And the way that is often used to get to the top of the search by entering Google News.

Google News is a service from Google that focuses on news content from websites or blogs around the world. 

If successfully entered in Google News, it will experience an increase in traffic. Before deciding to join Google News, know some of the criteria that must be met.

Criteria for Entering Google News

It's not easy to join Google News SEO. One must have two things, namely a blog or website and actual news content. 

Not only that but there are also several criteria that must be met in order to be included in Google News.

Make no mistakes when optimizing a website for Google News

Please note that the approval process to enter Google News is not the same as the usual search engine pattern. 

Google will choose news seriously and manually. So, there will be no tricks that can be used to enter Google News smoothly.

Has exclusive news content

There are no shortcuts for news content to enter smoothly in Google News. Although the blog has exclusive news. The best way is to make news updates in your own style.

Always make news updates on the site

Sites that are always respected are sites that always make updates to their sites. For example, always put up the latest news. 

The evaluation team from Google will pay attention to the seriousness of the owner in managing the site. Namely a commitment to provide relevant news.

Not too generalist

Keep in mind that Google News prefers smaller sites that have news content on everything. It is very important to know the characteristics of the news content that will be created so that it can be different from other sites. The best way is to specialize in creating specific stories.

That's the Google News SEO criteria that you must know. Meet all the criteria so that the news content created can be included in Google News, because the profits will be bigger than usual. Good luck.


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