These 4 Tips Can Help Get News Enter Google News Approval

Teknoto.Net - It is not easy for news content to be approved by Google News. Therefore, before registering, know some of the requirements in order to be approved. 

Indeed, there are many advantages that can be obtained when news content is included in Google News. Like being able to get organic visitors.

Google News is a container that contains a collection of recommended news from Google. There are various kinds of news, including news that is currently popular. 

Not a few websites enter because it has many benefits. So, so that the news content you create can be accepted on Google News, there are a few tips to follow.

Tips for News Content Can Enter Google News Approval

Like getting top rankings without SEO in search engines, that's like when news content is entered in Google News Approval. 

But it was not easy to be accepted. Here are tips that can be run so that news content can be immediately approved by Google News.

Content must be news

It's just called Google News, so it definitely contains news. So, before registering, make content in the form of news. Not just any news, but quality news, and of course it must always be updated.

Using a TLD domain

Not just any site domain that can be used to register for Google News. The domain must be top-level, such as .com, .net, .id. if the site only has a regular domain, such as, then first change it to a custom domain.

Web display that has a fast response

Know clearly that every visitor who enters only has the purpose of enjoying the article, nothing else. Therefore, you should have a website that uses a blog template with responsive SEO, fast loading, and not many widgets.

Complete blog navigation

There are several things that must be considered before entering Google News, namely the existence of complete navigation. 

For example, completing a blog with several pages such as contact us, disclaimer, privacy policy, and so on. There are many tutorials on the internet for creating these pages.

Please note that the tips above will not provide certainty to be immediately accepted on Google News Approval. Google News will check manually. But at least I've tried to get accepted. Have a good fight.


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