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Agriculture - For those of you who are planning and intending to do oil palm business at this time, of course, you are wondering how many months of harvesting palm oil? The harvest period for oil palm does not only happen once.

Later there will be several harvest seasons. That is what can cause many people to be interested in doing business in the field of oil palm cultivation. Because the benefits offered by doing this one business are also so abundant.

In general, oil palms will begin to bear fruit when they have entered the age of 2.5 years and a mass of 5.5 after the pollination process. Palm fruit can be harvested when it is 31 months old. However, not all palm oil can be harvested at the same time.

When you pick oil palm fruit when it is not harvesting time, the coconut will not be able to produce a good quality product in the future. Meanwhile, to find out more about how many times an oil palm plantation will experience harvest season, it is necessary to read the review below to the end!

How Many Times Palm Oil Harvest?

1. Harvest During Peak Season

During this peak season, the fruit yields that can be obtained are very large. It is during these times that oil palm will produce fruit that is quite abundant. But even so, you must know that you should not take all the bunches on the tree that are deemed not yet old enough.

2. Harvest During Ordinary Season

Harvest during the normal season, the fruit that will be obtained is quite a lot, but not as much as in the first peak season. This happens due to reduced yields during the peak season.

3. Harvest During Track Season

For the next harvest, what you need to know is harvesting during the track season. This harvesting season has entered the third stage. The fruit can be obtained every 15 days. This happened because oil palm had gone through two previous harvest seasons, namely the normal season harvest and the peak season harvest.

However, even though the yield from the fruit harvest is reduced, this harvest also provides a lot of income for oil palm entrepreneurs. But with a note, the land is divided by 14 random harvests. So that later each random harvest will bear fruit according to time. For example, in the first week, namely the first random harvest, the second harvest, and so on.

To be able to find out about such a harvest season system, the manager needs to really know and manage it carefully. So for the time and date can be determined as well as possible. In addition, it also does not give results on a random period which here cannot be determined when it occurs.

It is also important for you to note that each plantation has a different harvesting system from one another. All of that of course depends on the area of ​​land, how to care for it, how to process oil palm and the selection of seeds and other agricultural systems applied in a plantation.

Therefore, if here you want the best way and optimal and maximum results. So you need to first consult with a consultant who is an expert in oil palm plantation management. By conducting these consultations, later you can avoid mistakes when managing oil palm plantations.


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