How to Register NFT Easily, Try it!

Teknoto.Net - How to easily register for NFT is going viral, so it is being talked about a lot on social media. It is becoming a trend because it will become passive income, considering that the assets are easy to exchange and bring profits in the long term.

How to Easily Register NFT on Preferred Blockchain

The first easy way to register NFT is to determine which blockchain platform you will be after. Because, the future of your NFT will be determined from there. Follow these steps

Choose NFT Items

The first step is to determine the item to be used as an NFT. You should look for unique works so that they can be turned into assets worthy of NFT. Anything? Buses of paintings, meme collections, GIFs, music and more as well.

Second, make sure that you own the intellectual property rights to the items. So, there will be no legal issues related to it.


Next is to determine the blockchain that will be the platform for your NFT. Blockchain is a digital storage system that underlies all developments of crypto digital money and other assets.

Many choose Ethereum as a blockchain system because the price is relatively more stable and is supported by the NFT marketplace. You also choose ETH for ease of transaction.

Crypto Wallet

The next step is that you have to choose a crypto wallet. The reason is that you cannot directly buy NFt assets with conventional money. However, you must convert it into crypto money. Not bad for making trouble, it's just that this step must be done because it has become a condition that is mandatory to do.

This crypto wallet has a very important role, because all credit transactions can only go out and enter through the same wallet. After that, you can convert into a new currency, according to where you live.

Crypto wallets that you can choose from, for example, Math Wallet, Alpha Wallet, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, to metamask. Pay close attention to the advantages and disadvantages of the wallet you choose.

NFT Market

The next step you can proceed is to choose a crypto market. The NFT marketplace is a platform specifically for buying and selling NFT digital assets.

You can choose several platforms that can help to sell or buy NFT such as Open Sea, Axis Marketplace, to Larva Labs/CryptoPunk. Choose the NFT marketplace that best supports all your needs. And don't forget, look for clearer information in their respective eras.

Upload Assets and Set Selling Price

Once you have the assets to sell, the NFT wallet, and the marketplace, it's time for you to register and upload them to it. All products that have a certain format, for example PNG, GIF, MPV and so on will be converted into NFT digital assets.

NFT Mining

Mining NFT is the procedure of turning a digital asset into a part of a crypto collection. In other words. You store all those digital files on a blockchain of choice.

It is recommended that if you have decided to do the mining process on a blockchain, then upload all NFTs on the platform afterwards. For the mining process on the NFT marketplace, you can directly visit the official page which you can explore on the internet page.

That's how to register NFT easily. Very easy and very easy to try right? Come on, what are you waiting for, immediately look back at your asset collection and determine the blockchain that will be the market.

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