How to Register for Google News To Boost Your Personal Blog

Teknoto.Net - The need for information is increasing in this digital era. There is an easy way to get the information provided by Google, namely Google News. However, how is this google news used?

Google News service is quite popular and useful not only for readers but also for website owners. You can also display your blog on the Google News news page, you know.

What is Google News?

One of Google's services that focuses on providing news content from various world websites, including Indonesia, is Google News.

With an attractive and intuitive display that makes it easy to be accessed via computers or cellphones by readers. 

The good news again, this service can be enjoyed for free. Currently, more than one million Google Play Store users have downloaded Google News.

There is no need to log in when enjoying this service. Google account users will be treated to personalized content. 

Where the news is displayed according to your preferences. It's interesting how Google News has a place in the hearts of its users. This is one of its advantages in making it easier for users to access the information they need.

Benefits of Registering Google News

There are various benefits offered by Google News as well for blog owners who register to be part of its service.

  • Easily enter the first page of search engines. If your blog contains unique news, Google News will place it in the top searches.
  • The number of blog visitors is increasing the easier it is for your content to be found
  • Effective media branding because of the large number of visitors access.
  • Opportunity to get lots of backlinks that will boost popularity. If the content you create is recommended by Google News, it will automatically become an updated reference for a topic.
  • No need to spend on advertising. Google news can bring organic traffic to your blog.

Start logging in with your Google account and don't forget to verify website ownership. Go to Google News Publisher Center and add your blog. 

Fill in the requested information and wait for Google's review in one to three weeks. Easy is not the way Google News is used for your blog.


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