How to Make NFT on Binance and How to Sell It Want to Know?

Teknoto.NetAs crypto's popularity increases, many are starting to look at how to create NFTs on Binance and how to sell them. And all transactions are carried out using cryptocurrencies.

This does not just happen, there are factors that make NFT now starting to be noticed by many people. One factor that is still remembered today is the viral news of an ordinary young man who was able to earn billions of rupiah in just a matter of years.

Of course, this made him start to look at NFT and try his luck in the digital cryptocurrency investment.

Maybe you are also curious about how to create and sell NFT on Binance. Instead of being curious, let's look at the reviews below!

How to Make NFT on Binance and How to Sell It.

How to make NFT on Binance and how to sell it are frequently asked questions by beginners who want to test their skills on NFT. This digital work really anesthetizes young people to get directly involved in the world of cryptocurrency.

NFT is a non-fungible token that is a digital asset that can be used as collection material. The difference this time is not physically, but in a specific digital code that can be stored on your device.

How to Create NFT on Binance

In order to create one, you must first enter into the Binance blockchain ecosystem. Next, create a Binance account. If you don't have it then you have to register first. After that, have a balance that can be used as NFT printing costs.

Binance charges a gas fee of 0.005 coin BND for each NFT print. Once you have an account and sufficient balance, proceed to generate NFT tokens

  • Select the create menu on the Binance NFT Marketplace homepage. You will go to the length of the upload of the digital artwork. Upload with Binance format conditions
  • Look for information and data that matches the NFT, such as its name and description. Determine the form of NFT - the digital work is single/single (BEP-721 or Multiple/Series (BEP-1155).
  • Click create. Finish your NFT creation process.
  • Add to the collection all the NFT assets you want by clicking the NFT List menu. On the collection page, you will see all the assets you have,

How to Sell NFT on Binance

The second way is how to sell the NFT on Binance. The principle is that you have to create and sell them on a platform that supports the Binance blockchain. After making a description of the work, then do the following steps to sell it

  1. On that page look at the (Minting Completed) screen.
  2. Continue by clicking the (NFT Listing) button so you can go to the OSI listing.
  3. Navigate to the section (Setting UP Your Listing). Proceed with making a list of NFT.
  4. Click NFT which will be included in the listing.
  5. Next, you will be on the NFT description page. This page will show a description of the NFT and the history of the bids, if ever offered and where they came from.
  6. The next step is to click (List NFT) to navigate to the option to make your NFT sale.
  7. Prepare your listing whether you want with (Highest Bid) which means the highest bid or instant by doing (Set Price)
  8. Then just add it to the list of offers. Finished.

Well, now you know how to create NFTs on Binance and how to sell them. Prepare the best work you have, and earn money in crypto.


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