How to Download Google Play Store Safely

Teknoto.Net - Google play store is not a foreign name for android users. Here you can install various kinds of applications that are needed, but how do you download the deleted google play store?

As we know, the Google Play Store is the official source of various application content, from social, game, or other. Here we can download the application as desired and directly install it into Android.

However, in some cases, the Google Play Store on Android is accidentally deleted or not installed. Don't panic, let's discuss the solution together.

How to Download Google Playstore Safely on Android

As is known, the Google Play Store is an application that is already installed on an Android device or the default application for the Android OS. 

However, there are also androids that do not have the Google Play Store directly. Or accidentally, Google Play Store was deleted.

 You can try the following way to download Google Playstore:

  • Change Security Settings
  • Enter the settings menu/settings.
  • Select the Security menu.
  • Enable 'Unknown Sources' to be able to download and install from unknown sources.

Download/download google play store

After doing the steps above, you can start downloading the google play store from the official website/APK Pure which can be opened from a browser. Click 'OK' on the notification and wait for the download process to complete.

Install the google play store app

  • Open the downloaded application and select 'install'.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • You can click 'Open' to open an already installed application or 'Done' if you don't want to open it.

The google play store application has been installed on the smartphone. However, of course, you have to make sure this application comes from a safe and trusted source before downloading and installing it. 

Apart from pure APK, there are also other sources that can be used to download the google play store. The method is much easier than pure APK.

How to download whichever google play store is chosen is of course a personal responsibility. Therefore, make wise decisions.


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