How to Create NFT Images in Open Sea

Teknoto.Net - How to make NFT images is a trending topic throughout Indonesia. The reason is that netizens are in a commotion because of Gozhaly who became rich suddenly because he sold his selfie photos in NFT form at the Open Sea.

NFT can indeed be a source of income if you have the know-how. This is because the assets are easy to exchange and can generate profits for the owner.

How to Make NFT Images Easily

Before making a profit, obviously, the first thing you should know is how to create NFT images. Because not all illustrations can be accepted in the NFT marketplace.

Especially for beginners who are still new to the world of NFT, it is highly recommended that you look for a lot of the right information so you don't get the wrong direction.

Well, for those of you who want to try selling NFT on Open Sea by selling interesting pictures. Below we will help you make NFT images attractive and sell at high prices.

The steps you must take include:

Select the Object to be NFT

The first step is that you have to search from your private collection or create your own object to be used as NFT. Look for unique items, to steal the attention of people at OpenSea.

What objects can be used as NFT? It can be self-portraits, music, games, collections, and more. The safest of all assets is your personal property, so as not to be accused of stealing other people's goods.

Define Blockchain

Next, you have to define the blockchain that will store all your digital data. What's more, all transactions will use the cryptocurrency built on top of the system.

Choose Crypto Wallet

Choosing a crypto wallet is the next step you should take. The reason is, NFT cannot be purchased directly using fiat money, it must be with crypto money.

Therefore, there will be a process of converting fiat money to crypto if you want to buy NFT and vice versa if you want to get funds in a legal currency.

You can choose to use the most suitable crypto wallet. There are many choices, there are Alpha Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Math Wallet, to Metamask.

Define NFT MarketPlace

Well, after you get a wallet and have crypto money in it, it's time to choose the market to use to sell NFT. MarketPlace NFT is a platform that was established to facilitate NFT sellers to sell their digital assets.

Upload Assets and Transaction Prices

Now it's time to register and upload your assets to it. Then the object will be converted into an NFT digital asset. Then, do the things below so you can benefit

  1. Set prices with the competitive prefix
  2. Set the time duration for conducting the auction
  3. Start the auction without a time limit so you are given the freedom to close it at any time until you get income.

Mining at OpenSea

This time you will be invited to open a market on OpenSea. The steps are as follows:

  1. Open an account on Open Sea Marketplace
  2. Open the collection of objects that you want to make NFT assets
  3. Click the Add New Item menu
  4. Upload the NFT and give a clear description
  5. Click "Create"
  6. Finished

Well, it's finished how to make NFT images. To make it even more popular, advertise your digital assets in communities that are compatible with your NFT. Promote the images you have created on the social media platforms you use. That way people will be curious and your NFT will increase even more. Good luck!


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