How to Build a Business Model with a Business Model Canvas

Teknoto.Net - For those of you who are currently building a business, of course, having a business that is growing and advancing rapidly is something that is highly anticipated. Therefore, you need to start thinking about how you can design a business in the best possible way. One of them is by using the business model canvas.

The business model canvas is a concept that is currently being widely used. Even some big companies such as Toyota, Honda, and even Amazon have started to implement this business concept. For those of you who are interested in implementing a business model canvas, then you need to read the review below to the end!

How to Build a Business Model with a Business Model Canvas?

Before we discuss how to develop a business model using a business model canvas, you need to know in advance that in this business model there are 9 important elements. These elements include Customer Segment, Value Propositions, Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Activities, Key Resources, Key Partners, and Cost Structure.

After you understand each element in the business model canvas, this discussion will explain how to prepare a business model, including:

1. Learn Competitors

Here you can create your business model canvas. Studying competitors will help you more in gaining insight from the failures or successes of competitors in the business you are in. With this information, you will know better what consumers in the business want.

And what are the most appropriate solutions to use in running this business? This will allow you to find gaps that can be used to reach the market so that you are better off compared to competitors.

2. Customize Each Element Order

All elements contained in the business model canvas are very important. When you have designed a concrete business model, then later you will know which one is the priority of all the elements mentioned above.

Apart from that, you can also do strategy mapping for a certain time. The clearer the target time and goals achieved, the easier it will be to measure success later.

3. Connect Each Element

Each element in the business model canvas must be linked to one another to make the strategy much more mature.

4. Focus on Current Conditions

You can do designs for future business concepts using the business model canvas. However, conditions and situations may change suddenly due to competitor factors or changing customer behavior. Therefore, when you do business planning, focus on the current conditions so that the calculations become more precise.

5. Do a Review

When all the elements are connected, it's a good idea to do a re-checking here. See if the elements are connected properly. In addition, you can also make a rating from 1 to 10 for the canvas business that you have created. That way later you can make improvements if there is a model that can be made even better.


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