Here's How to Sell NFT on Open Sea, You Must Try it!

Teknoto.Net - NFT has become a trending topic since Ghozali suddenly became the sultan because of the sale of his selfie NFT in front of a computer via Open Sea. No half-heartedly the amount that the young man from Semarang has collected has reached billions of rupiah.

Seeing this, of course, makes people now start to look at this digital investment instrument. It is enough to make unique, funny, and interesting works and then sell them on NFT, everyone is ready to become a sudden rich person like Ghozali.

Anyone must be interested and interested in jumping into the world of digital investment, maybe one of them is yourself. Then the question is, are you also interested in making NFT and want to know how to sell NFT on Opensea? Curious, right? Here's the answer!

The World's Largest Open sea Marketplace NFT

The open sea is the world's largest NFT marketplace which is purposely created to be a marketplace for people who want to buy or sell NFT. At Opensea selling and buying NFT is very easy. The condition is that you must first have an account and a linked wallet on Open sea. Without these two things, you cannot make transactions on the Open sea.

Easy Ways to Create an Account on Open sea

Before you find out how to sell NFT on Opensea, make sure you already have an account and digital wallet with Open sea.

The first step:

  • Open Opensea site from the browser
  • Press the wallet logo on the top right, select MetaMask
  • Follow the instructions to download the MetaMask browser extension
  • Next press Create A Wallet
  • Create a password to secure the crypto wallet that has been created.
  • Press I Have Read, then press 'Create'
  • Click Next if the MetaMask introduction page is not important
  • Save data properly when the Secret Recovery Phase appears
  • Enter the order correctly
  • Click 'Confirm', and a notification will appear if the account has been successfully activated
  • Done, press 'All Done' to end it

Second step:

  • Go back to the browser and visit the Opensea site
  • Tap the wallet logo on the top right, then click MetaMask as an option
  • Wait for the notification from MetaMask, make sure everything is correct, then press Next
  • A second notification will appear, press Next
  • An illustration of OpenSea connected with MetaMask will appear on the screen
  • Done, you have successfully had an account on the Open Sea marketplace. Immediately do account verification.

How to Sell NFT on Open Sea

For those who already have an account with Opensea, you can immediately:

  • Go to the OpenSea page and log into your account.
  • Click your profile photo at the top right and select 'Profile'.
  • Select the NFT work from the wallet you want to sell.
  • Select 'Sell' and select the type and selling price. There is a choice of fixed-price or auction. In the auction options, enter the starting price, threshold price, and expiration time. The duration of the sale can last for one day, three days, up to one week.
  • When done with sales setup, select 'Complete Listing'
  • To register the first sale, verify the wallet, by completing the first two transactions, The goal is that your account can be initiated for the sale, and Opensea can access the items during the sale.
  • Confirm the details of the sale and post the NFT you want to sell on OpenSea after payment of the fee.

It turns out that it's not easy to sell NFT on the Open Sea. Come on, immediately upload your NFT digital work and grab the opportunity to become an impromptu sultan.


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