Food Canvas Business Model

Teknoto.Net - In addition to the health and fashion business, the food business is timeless. The culinary field has a wide and diverse market, you should make this an opportunity to make a profit.

However, opening a food business is certainly not easy. You need to prepare yourself well, one of which is by compiling a business plan and a business plan for your business.

In this article, we will discuss the canvas business model in the culinary business. More or less this can be a reference for those of you who are currently preparing to enter the food business. The following are 8 main points that must be arranged when using the canvas business model, including:

What is the Food Canvas Business Models?

1. Customer Segment

You must determine in which segment the product will be sold. Whether the students, students, employees, the general. Or what kind of groups are aimed at the lower middle / upper-middle class.

For example, you want to sell spicy chips, you will find it difficult to sell these items at high prices if the consumer segment is students. It's different if the product is intended for office employees or the general public

2. Value Proposition

In the next step, you have to make different food products with similar products on the market. Especially about taste, the uniqueness of taste is an important factor so that your customers repeat orders for the products being sold.

If the taste is good, consumers do not hesitate to repurchase. However, on the other hand, if the first time you buy it, the taste is not good, of course, consumers are lazy to buy again.

In addition to taste, the value proposition in the food business, for example, packaging, places to sell, variety of flavors to other things that make your product stand out from similar products on the market.

3. Channels

Determine through what food products will be sold or promoted. Is it by leaving it in certain stores, making your shop stand, or by utilizing social media, marketplaces, and websites?

Everything must be determined so that the product is increasingly known and purchased by consumers who are your target market.

4. Customer Relationship

What are the factors that can make customers have a special bond with our products? You need to think about this too, be it by placing gift coupons in the packaging or providing special promotions for people who are regular customers of your product.

5. Revenue Stream

When selling food products, first of all, of course you will benefit from the food you have successfully sold. At this point, you must be able to determine from what side you can make a profit?

To get other benefits apart from just selling food, one of them is you can open a partnership with a certain registration fee.

6. Key Resources

Take note of every resource in your business. For food products, the main resources are food-making equipment, recipes, and also food brands or brands that have been registered with HAKI.

7. Key Partner

Don't forget to think about who you will partner with later. Who is the supplier of your raw food ingredients, who will be the distributor of the products you make, etc? Also pay attention to other things when choosing a partner, such as disclosure of information, nature, and also honesty, for example.

8. Key Activities

In the food business, the main activity is usually not far from the manufacture of food and also the process of serving/delivery to customers. Record this activity as a key activity in your business.


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