Example of a Service Company Business Model Canvas

 Example of a Service Company Business Model Canvas

Teknoto.Net - In addition to the business fields of food, fashion, cafe, and health, the canvas business model is also often used by someone who is designing a service business.

Business in the service sector itself consists of several types, such as business delivery services, computer repair, event organizers, make-up, laundry, deposit services, motorcycle care, private lessons, skills courses, etc.

Well, in this article we will discuss an example of a business model canvas in a laundry service company. We review through some of the elements that become the spearhead in the business model canvas (BMC).

What are some examples of a service company's business model canvas?

1. Customer Segment

At this point, you will determine who will be your customer segment. Covers demographics, geography, customer behavior, and customer journey.

Simply put, those who enter into point 1 in this laundry business are usually students, housewives to employees in companies who sometimes don't have time to wash because they are busy. And this is an opportunity that you should make the most of.

2. Value Proposition

Maybe you're not the only one who has a laundry business, other similar businesses are already running or other new laundry businesses that will appear when your business is running.

Therefore, you must have the uniqueness that will distinguish you from laundry in other places. Values ​​that can be used by laundry services, for example, are laundry speed, tidiness, perfume used, and also friendly, fast, and cheap service.

3. Channels

Channel is related to how you promote the business that you are going to run. In the laundry business, you can print brochures and distribute them to places frequented by your customer segment.

If you are in a big city like Jakarta or Bandung, you can consider using Google My Business services so that your services can be easily found by potential customers.

4. Customer Relationship

Establish good relationships with customers, so that they are satisfied and become loyal customers in your laundry. Provide the best service in the form of a friendly greeting or for example a discount voucher for customers who have been lauded for example 5 times.

In addition, in some cases sometimes there is money tucked in the customer's shirt or pants. Well, the money, of course, should not be taken, save it in a packaged laundry package. That way, customers will be satisfied and judge your laundry to be an honest place.

5. Revenue Stream

Revenue streams are usually related to other sources of income that we can maximize apart from the main source of income. If you use an express laundry service that you can wait for, there's nothing wrong with providing coffee or other snacks.

The goal is that when customers are waiting they can buy it at your place. That way your source of income will increase, one from the laundry one from the food trade.

6. Key Activities

Do not forget to also record all activities that run. In the laundry business, the main activities include washing, ironing, and packing clothes. Do this activity well, lest we disappoint customers because the clothes are still stained, untidy, or even confused with other customers.

7. Key Partnership

Who will be your partner? At this point, maybe you can find a supplier who can provide laundry soap and fragrance in cheap quantities from the market price.

That way, you can save on expenses and can save it to add ammunition for business development in the future.


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