Causes Why Can't Install Apps on Play Store and Solutions

Teknoto.Net - Installing applications on Android is definitely a must through the Play Store. However, sometimes there are applications that cannot be installed even though there is still a lot of RAM. 

Why can't I install the app on the play store? Don't be upset, let's find out the causes and solutions with this article!

Causes of the Application Cannot Be Installed on the Play Store

One of the causes of not being able to install applications is usually because the android used is old and the internal memory is not enough. However, what if the memory is still a lot and the android used is also not an old cellphone type.

Why can't I install apps on the Play Store? Maybe this is one of the reasons:

Error in Installation

This happens when the android phone is rooted. Applications that have been installed in a certain directory, were not installed. Then followed by the message "Incorrect app install location" appears on the android screen.

System Error

This happens during installation, the cellphone is also being used for certain purposes. Errors in the installation are also the impact of the system error.

Application Not Support

The application that you want to install is not supported by the Android system and the Play Store. Then you try to install it outside the play store, it is certain that the application will not appear because it is not compatible.

How to be able to install applications on the Play Store

Apply the following tips to be able to install applications on the play store:

Restart Mobile

Try restarting the phone and after that, you can re-install the desired application in the play store.

Enable Unknown Resources

Raw apps outside of the google play store will not be able to be installed. To install it, first activate the Unknown re-sources feature. When finished installing, don't forget to turn it off again.

Check App Version Compatibility

A compatible system greatly affects the function of the application, whether it can run normally or not.

What if all the above methods have been done but why can't I install the application on the play store? Maybe you have to reset the android. 

However, this method is not recommended because it can cause all internal data to be erased. We recommend that you first backup all data on Android.


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