Causes Google Playstore Can't Download and Solutions

Teknoto.Net - There are many applications, games, books, and even movies that can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. However, why can't google play store download when we want it? Of course, you have to be sensitive to this by being marked by several signs.

Continuous loading, full memory, until the download process is delayed. After waiting for a long time and the download is complete, the words 'Insufficient Storage Available' appear. This could mean the storage capacity is full and the installation cannot be completed.

How to Overcome Google Playstore Cannot Download

Do not be in a hurry to get angry, try the following ways to deal with it.

Check Internet Connection and Play Store Settings

The main problem that causes google play store can't download is often on the internet connection. It could be that you are using data quota while the download settings are using Wifi. Change the settings immediately to be able to download on all connections.

Check Timing

Make sure that the time settings on Android are the same as the actual time and date. Activate the automatic date setting on the cellphone.

Delete Unused Apps

There are many Android users who download various applications but never use them. This makes the storage memory full. Go to settings and select the apps menu to uninstall unnecessary apps.

Clear Cache on All Apps

Cache buildup on applications on smartphones is often ignored. Even though every application stores junk/cache files that must be cleaned regularly. 

The cache can take up space on a device's storage capacity and make device performance slower. As well as the cause of the failure to download.

Google Play Services Problem

Google Play Store is related to Google Play Services. That's why this app issue will have an impact on the Play Store. The solution that can be done is to delete it first. Uninstall then install again in the play store.

If all the methods above have been done, but why can't Google Playstore download too, then do root on the smartphone. This method is not recommended because it can make the official warranty disappear. If it still fails, maybe it's time for you to buy a new smartphone.


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