Canvas Cafe Business Model

Teknoto.Net - Before starting a cafe business, it's a good idea to first create and analyze the business model that will be run. Later, this will help you in achieving your business goals.

Well, in this article we will discuss an example of a canvas cafe business model. There are at least 9 points that you need to pay attention to in making a business model canvas, what are they, let's discuss them together.

What are the Canvas Café Business Models?

1. Customer Segment

When going to do a cafe business, you need to know a clear picture of who will be the customers or customers of your business. Don't let the cafe open even be quiet.

Determining the customer segment will also affect other things, for example, cafe decoration style, price, type of service, and so on.

For consumer segment analysis, you can see it from competitor cafes or do a separate analysis that is tailored to the circumstances or environment where the cafe is located.

2. Value Proposition

In simple terms, the value proposition is the advantage your business has compared to other types of businesses. In this case, your cafe must have its characteristics or uniqueness, be it from the products provided, taste, place, service, or for example the way of presentation.

3. Channels

A product will not sell if it does not have a good marketing channel, you need to think about how the value of the product you have can reach consumers.

This can be done, for example, by distributing brochures, promoting through it and other social media, creating websites, registering products through food, grabbing food, etc.

4. Customer Relationship

To attract customers to come back to the cafe you run, you need to build a special relationship with your customers. This can be done for example by providing a buy 5 get 1 free coupon voucher or for example a special discount for customers who register as members.

5. Revenue Stream

There are many sources of income that can be obtained from a business. In addition to profiting from the drinks and food you sell. In the cafe you also have to generate other sources of income, for example from membership registration fees, selling bakery products, or selling souvenirs such as tumblers, traditional cups, or certain coffee in special packaging.

6. Key Resources

Companies need to record important resources owned by the company, both in terms of physical and non-physical (abstract). Examples of company assets in physical form consist of tangible items such as frying pans, chairs, tables, cashier computers, etc.

Meanwhile, resources in the abstract form include brands that have been registered with the director-general of intellectual property rights, human resources as well as special recipes/mixtures made and owned by the company.

7. Key Activities

There are main activities that a business has, you must be able to describe these activities so that later you can evaluate which activities are deemed necessary or reduced.

By knowing the key activities, you will also be able to conduct training so that the process of running activities can run effectively and efficiently.

Examples of key activities in the cafe business are coffee grinding, coffee compounding, and making, snack making, R&D activities, etc.

8. Key Partners

You have to plan who will be your partner, be it a supplier of goods, an agency, or other partners who can give each other advantage in the business they run.

9. Cost Structure

In this section, you are required to record the main costs that must be incurred. In the cafe business, generally, the largest costs come from the cost of coffee sales or for example the cost of renting land or places. Apart from that, of course, there are also other expensive items such as employee salary costs, electricity costs, wifi, PDAM, etc.


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