What Is The Use Of The Google Duo Application, Is It Paid? These are 6 Advantages

What is the use of the Google Duo application, is it paid? You can download it on the Google Play Store for Android and iPhone. Have clear video conversations.

Teknoto.Net - Google continues to innovate to carry out communication activities. You can listen to what the use of the Google Duo application is, is it paid? You can use it on smartphones based on Android or iPhone.

This application is very useful, especially for people who are engaged in the office sector. The reason is none other than to make business video calls with clients.

Without having to meet and meet face to face, because, with the Google Duo application, you can meet clients, relatives, or relatives anytime and anywhere.

It doesn't stop there, it turns out that the use of the Google Duo application is not the only one. There's more, what are you curious about? Come on, read the review to the end!

What Is The Use Of The Google Duo Application, Is It Paid?

This application is useful for cross-platform work. So you can use it to communicate from android to iOS.

Google Duo also has a function to simplify video phone calls with web real-time communication technology. The system works on a mobile network.

In its development, this application can also be used on a computer connected to a camera. Video conversations are of higher quality than others.

Use a cell phone number for identification. Can make calls to other registered participants.

You can use the knock-knock feature to take calls. You can see who made the first call.

Advantages of Google Duo

Here are some advantages, among others:

Faster Connection

The first advantage of this application is that it uses WebRTC technology. This technology is able to reduce the occurrence of failed calls. Using the mobile network for data traffic, so much simpler.

Therefore, this application can run more stably even though the existing connection is slow. What is the use of the Google Duo application, is it paid? requires an internet connection.

If there is a problem with the network, you can switch from a wifi network to a mobile network. Likewise, you can switch from a cellular network to a wifi network.

Easy to Use

This platform is easier to use. You only need to use a mobile phone number to register first. Once successful, you can communicate using the number in the contact list.


You can use this application on smartphones based on Android and iOS. Therefore, being able to carry out cross-platform communication is the main attraction. So that communication can be smoother.


This application guarantees security and also maintains the privacy of its users. Using end-to-encrypted technology is able to encrypt data from beginning to end.

User Friendly

Has the advantage of a simple appearance, but is easy to use. Users of different age ranges can use this application easily.

Knock Knock Features

There is something interesting about this application. As a user, you can preview the caller's video. This feature makes it easy for users to quickly find out who is making a call. So that users do not feel disturbed.

Not many users know about this application and so there are problems when contacting someone using this application.

What is the use of the Google Duo application, is it paid? You only need an internet connection to be able to make video calls using this application. And you don't have to worry about security anymore, because security has become a major issue that has become an important concern of Google Duo.


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