How to Play BTC Starter Fund?

Teknoto.Net - The world of digital currency investment is currently increasingly popular for use by many people. This has finally created a lot of interesting and well-known investment applications. One of them is the BTC fund application.

There are more and more users of this application from time to time. For those of you who are interested in investing in Bitcoin, then the following will be reviewed on how to play Bitcoin funds for beginners. Curious about this? Check out the review below to the end!

How to Fund BTC for Beginners?

Bitcoin Fund app is crypto, forex, stock trading app. This application makes it possible for users to play and get a fun and easy trading experience.

One of the advantages of the application is that it provides a demo account. It is on this account that you can later earn points for trading on several crypto assets and performing analytical activities.

However, it turns out that there are other advantages of this BTC fund application, namely that you can withdraw coins from a demo account to a real account. This is what makes more and more people interested in the application.

What's more, the amount of bonus points on this demo account is also quite a lot. Therefore, for those of you who want to try trading using the BTC fund application, then you need to prepare a few things first here.

The first is that you need to install the BTC funds app. Later you can easily install using the App Store or Play Store. After the application is installed, make sure that you have an internet quota. This is done with the aim that you can open the application and start the trading process.

Also, make sure that you already have basic knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies. In this case, you can later learn the basics of using the internet or using any source.

So you have provisions so you don't lose in trading. The way to play BTC funds for those of you who are beginners is quite easy. As a beginner, you can use a demo account first.

By using this account, you don't need to spend capital and you can still earn profits. And when you want to try a demo account, here's what you need to do, including:

1. First open the BTC funds on your device.

2. You go to the start menu then select the demo icon.

3. In the menu section you can see the coins that you can use to trade.

4. Before playing later, you can complete missions to get additional coins. The mission that needs to be done is quite easy. For example, making the first transaction, registering, and so on.

5. After completing the mission, you can immediately buy crypto assets on the open market. To find out which markets are closed, they are marked in gray.

6. You will see a graph of the coin and its movement up and down. Then you can determine the coin purchasing capacity. In addition, you can also determine the profit percentage.

7. Then you can press buy and when you have made a profit, you can start selling the coins and start the process all over again.

That was a little information that can be explained about how to play BTC funds for beginners, hopefully, it will be useful.


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