How to Merge Videos on Tiktok Easily

Teknoto.Net - Most of you are certainly familiar with the Tiktok application. This application has indeed become one of the applications that are in great demand by people, especially in Indonesia.

This is because there are so many effects provided by TikTok so that you can explore yourself more through the media. One of the best effects in TikTok is to combine videos into one.

For those of you who are beginners, this might be a little confusing. So, in the following, we will review how you can combine the videos on Tiktok so that they can make your videos look good and interesting.

How Can You Do Merge TikTok Videos?

If here you plan and intend to make a video by combining the videos, then you don't need to worry. Because you don't have to use another application. Only by using Tiktok itself can you merge videos.

And to combine the video directly, you can use the duet feature which has been provided by the Tiktok application. You can use this feature to combine one video with another video.

You can also combine your videos with other people's videos. This feature is a feature that is currently being used by many Tiktokers. So this feature is quite easy to use. However, for those of you who are still confused, below we will discuss how you can combine the videos, including:

Merge from Gallery

If here you already have several video recording files of your own and have been stored in the gallery, then here is an easy way to do it, including:

1. The first step is that you first open the Tiktok application.

2. If you have, you just select the + button.

3. Next you press upload or upload.

4. Later, the video collection in the selected gallery will automatically appear.

5. You can select one or two videos.

6. Next you press next.

7. At this stage, you can select sound synchronization. To add to the features of TikTok, choose relaxing and suitable music.

8. For the default part, which is the original sound from the video in the gallery.

9. You press next then after that you select post.

10. Here you just have to wait until the upload process is complete.

Using the Pause and Record Features

For how to combine this next video, you can do it directly. So here you will need a fairly thorough preparation in making videos to have maximum results. The steps themselves include:

1. You press the + button.

2. Next select a record to be able to start your first video recording.

3. Give a pause by pressing the button with the symbol of a box.

4. You can look for other scenes or other spots that you find interesting.

5. Then continue by pressing the circle to re-record and take the 2nd video image.

6. If here you have finished doing it, then just select the tick.

7. Do the editing process to make the video look more perfect.

Well, that was all that could be explained about how to combine videos on TikTok that you need to know,

 Hope it is useful.


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