Functions and Dangers of Not Using Fog Lamps

Teknoto.Net - Fog lights or fog lamps are not just accessories for a cool look. But not all types and types of cars are equipped with fog lights or fog lamps.

Fog lamps or fog lights are usually available on certain types of cars, such as high class types, and are not available on standard types.

But you can also install fog lamps or fog lamps, many ko in workshops and online shops are available. for the convenience of traveling with family to stay safe and comfortable.

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As the name implies, these fog lamps function to assist lighting and penetrate the fog when the road is foggy, for example in a cold and foggy place or when it is raining heavily and foggy so that the vision for the future is disturbed, so this is where the function of the fog lamps comes in.

1. Not for just driving at night!

Not a few car drivers are mistaken about the function of the fog lamp. In fact, because they want to turn on the headlights for safe driving at night, the driver turns on the fog lamp instead. Be careful, Honda buddy! Turning on the fog lamps in situations like this can actually endanger other drivers on the highway, who are in front or behind your vehicle. Don't let the misunderstanding about the function of the fog lamp make other drivers uncomfortable because your fog lamp light doesn't turn on on time.

Make sure safety is the top priority, pal! Good for yourself, passengers in the car, and other users on the road.

2. To ride in the rain

Apart from being used for traveling in fog, fog lamps can actually be used when you are driving in heavy rain situations. Just like fog, heavy rain can also interfere with the driver's visibility. The focus of the fog lamps tends to be wider than the headlights, which radiate forward, so they can help you drive more comfortably and safely in heavy rain.

3. To cross the foggy streets

As the name implies 'Fog Lamp', of course this component is intended for travel on foggy tracks. For example, you are on a vacation trip with your family to a mountainous area. Maybe the winding and uphill road will be more challenging because it is shrouded in fog. Well, Honda friends can turn on the fog lamps to increase visibility and maximize driving safety. The beam tends to be stronger and wider, which will help you see with a longer distance even if the view is blocked by fog.

Another situation, you can use fog lamps when driving on roads with thick smoke. The fog lamp located at the bottom of the car will support the driver's vision to find out where the trail of the car in front, or the road divider.

Hopefully this article is useful and can increase knowledge about the automotive world.


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