Why Are Car Engines Brebet At High Rpm Yes?

There are various problems with vehicle mechanics. One of them is the Brebet car engine when the Rpm is high. What do you think is the cause? Find Out First Come On!

Teknoto.Net - Owning a motorized vehicle such as a car does sometimes experience some problems. One of them is the brebet car engine when the Rpm is high. Maybe this brebet makes passengers in the car less comfortable.

Even driving feels uneasy, especially if you and your family will be traveling quite a long distance and the route is not yet friendly.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know what the causes are, as in the review below!

What Are the Causes of Brebet Car Engines When RPM is High?

In addition to a less than optimal ignition system, there could be several things that affect the engine's performance. Before you panic even more, first know what the causes of this bad car are, right?

The spark plug is in weak condition

The function of this spark plug is to produce sparks. Where able to play an important role during the combustion process.

This combustion is affected by the size of the flame produced by the spark plug. To get around this you have to replace the spark plugs with new ones.

This is because spark plugs also have various variants, choose the spark plug that suits your needs.

Dirty Combustion Chamber

In the combustion process, of course, in addition to producing heat, it also expands. Surely there will be residue left behind, if it is not cleaned for a long time it will become the crust.

As a matter of fact, all this residual gas will be discharged through the exhaust. It is certain that this crust will accumulate and make the car engine crash when the rpm is high.

Dirty throttle body

Often called the gas valve, this part is prone to be covered in fine dust. The throttle body that is covered in dust and dirt has the potential to interfere with acceleration.

So, don't be surprised if the car engine becomes less stable and stutters. Especially if the Rpm is in a high position.

You can fix this with a carbon cleaner or carb jet. The use of this tool is quite effective for cleaning this part of the gas valve.

Problems with the injection actuator or engine sensor

For users of cars with injection engines, it is claimed to be easier and simpler when diagnosing damage.

However, of course, the equipment used must also be adequate. Because, if there are equipment components that are lacking, the repair process will also be disrupted.

Usually, the car feels brebet generally caused by a faulty sensor. Or it could be due to the fuel pump and ECU having problems.

For information, you need a special scanner that can be available at large or authorized dealers.

One of the characteristics of this Brebet car can also be from the blinking indicator light on the check engine. When car will you use.

If this happens, immediately consult the nearest repair shop. Check and ask directly how to solve the problem.

Indeed, owning this vehicle requires good periodic maintenance. For example, monthly servicing, oil changes to cleaning engine components so they don't get dirty, must be done.

Moreover, if this favorite vehicle has a fantastic price, it definitely has to be cared for and taken care of like your own child, right?

Plus, if the car you love must be treated specifically. So, later there will be no problems.

Imagine, if your driving comfort is disturbed when the engine has a problem. So worried and anxious too right?

In addition to keeping the engine durable, periodic maintenance is needed to deal with unexpected things, such as the engine crashing at this high rpm, right?

That's some information that you can use as a reference, hopefully, this article can give you a lot of enlightenment about the maintenance of the four-wheeled vehicle or car above!

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