The Cause of the Vehicle Exhaust Smoke Comes Out, Do You Have to Get Down the Engine?

Teknoto.Net - Does the Exhaust Smoke Have to Go Down the Engine...?. The smoky exhaust problem, of course, as a vehicle owner, feels anxious. The exhausting exhaust is caused by many factors that need to be analyzed why the exhaust emits smoke.

There are two types of exhaust smoke colors that you need to know and each color has different problems

Causes of Car Exhaust Out of White Smoke and Water

There are several causes of car exhaust problems, white smoke and water come out. What are the causes? Here's a full explanation.

1. Oil Leaks into the Combustion Chamber

If your car starts showing the exhaust emitting white smoke, then watch out. It could be that the car oil has leaked into the combustion chamber. This is what causes white smoke to appear automatically from the vehicle.

You should not let this matter too long. The more often the oil leaks, the more volume will shrink and even run out. Your car could have broken down and had to get off the engine.

There are several causes of oil leaking into the combustion chamber. It could be caused by a leaking gasket, a leaking valve, a worn engine cylinder, or a crack in the cylinder wall.

Sometimes this also makes the engine difficult to start in the morning when you want to warm up the car. The combustion process becomes incomplete, causing this problem.

2. Cooling Water Leak

Cooling water leaking into the combustion chamber or exhaust system can also produce white smoke. Cooling water leaks can be triggered by cracks in the cylinder walls.

The engine temperature can also rise because the cooling water continues to decrease. It has fallen down the stairs too. The engine is getting hotter, the car exhaust even comes out of white smoke.

For that, you must immediately take the car to the repair shop if you see white smoke from the exhaust.

3. There is Remaining Water in the Exhaust

Your car's exhaust can also trap puddles of water in it. If this happens, the trapped water droplets will evaporate due to exhaust gases. The result of evaporation will be in the form of slightly white smoke.

For this problem, it usually only lasts a short time. If the puddle of water in the exhaust is gone, the white smoke will disappear by itself.

But don't let water always get into the exhaust because it can make the drainpipe porous quickly. Over time the exhaust must be perforated.

4. Exhaust Condensation

A car with a perfect and smooth combustion system will not get white smoke problems from the exhaust. As technology advances, the air and fuel mixture becomes an important part.

This condition will make combustion more complete. But you can find clear water without smoke coming out of the exhaust. But there is no need to worry because it means the car engine is still in good condition.

A sign that AutoFamily must pay attention to is when white smoke and water vapor appear from the exhaust. If there are signs like this, you should immediately bring the AutoFamily car to Auto2000 as soon as possible to immediately check the condition of the car and engine components.

As an official repair shop that is ready to provide the best service to every customer, AutoFamily can bring their Toyota car to be repaired if there is any damage to the components. (Reference Source: Auto2000)

Do I have to get off the engine..?

A follow-up analysis must be carried out first whether the white smoke is caused by an oil ring leak or due to condensed water.

Is it safe..?

If the exhaust smoke is black, it can be ascertained that the engine is safe and it is necessary to adjust the fuel so that the combustion in the compression chamber can achieve perfection.

And if the exhaust smoke is white in the morning and drops of water come out, you can be sure your car engine is safe.


Not all problems with exhaust fumes in vehicles must be carried out from the engine, and it is necessary to ensure that these problems are analyzed before carrying out the process of repairing the engine which costs a lot of money.

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