Solutions to Overcome Car Freon Air Conditioning that runs out and how to check it

You can see the characteristics of the Car AC Freon running out and the solutions to overcome them here. So when you experience it you can immediately fix it.

Teknoto.Net - For those of you who are a little unfamiliar with car freon, of course, you are confused if this part is problematic. 

Freon is generally associated with air conditioning in the car. If this part is problematic, of course, the car cabin will not be cold. 

So what are the characteristics of the Car AC Freon running out and the solution to overcome it?

Characteristics That Can Be Recognized When Car AC Freon Runs Out

A car room like this cabin is indeed the most comfortable when it is cold. Unfortunately, car air conditioners don't always work in these conditions. Especially if there is a problem with Freon. Then, how to solve it huh?

  • AC Compressor Doesn't Stop Working When AC Is On

When the AC switch is on, the magnetic clutch is often constantly connected. In fact, normally this magnetic clutch will be connected if the AC switch is turned on. 

However, it will be released automatically if the freon pressure is maximum.

You can tell when you hear a "click" sound when you turn on your air conditioner. Well, if you don't hear this happening, and the magnetic clutch just keeps on connecting. So, this is a sign that your freon is empty.

Generally, this could be due to a leak. So that the AC hose will be filled with air. Did you know that this air is so easily compressed? 

Compared to freon, compressed air is easier when the compressor is running. This will only pump normal air.

This ordinary air does not have maximum pressure. As a result, the pressure switch is not able to disconnect the magnetic clutch. Unlike the case with Freon which is denser. So that when the freon is pumped just a little, the pressure in the high-pressure hose will rise quickly.

  • AC only blows air, but not cold

You can also do this second feature of the car's AC Freon and the Solution to Overcome it. The freon indicator runs out usually the AC still blows the wind. 

It's just that the condition of the room will not be cold. Whereas normally when air blows from the air conditioner, the air vent will automatically spray cold air.

These signs give rise to some suspected problematic car components. It could be a damaged compressor, a dead cooling fan, a magnetic clutch error until the freon has run out. When the freon runs out actually everything works normally.

When your AC is turned on, you will hear a clicking sound when the AC compressor works, the cooling fan turns on until the engine RPM goes up. 

But, if the wind is not cold, it means that your car's AC freon is running out.

How to Easily Measure Car AC Freon Pressure

To measure the freon pressure in the car air conditioner, you need a tool called a manifold gauge. This tool is claimed to automatically indicate the freon pressure in a high or low state. 

If you see a red line, it means the freon is high pressure. However, if you see a blue line, then the freon is in low pressure.

What is the Standard Size for Car AC Freon Pressure?

The first, when the freon pressure is at 15 to 30 psi. And if it is under low pressure, then the numbers presented are 160 to 250 psi.

This tool in the form of a manifold gauge consists of five important components. Namely;

  • Faucet
  • Pressure measure scale
  • Coupler or can be called coupling or nepel
  • Hose (hose)

Along with a sight glass that is usually used to show the content of freon on the measuring tool

Before starting measurements on AC freon, you must identify the five components. So that the measurement process can run properly and correctly. 

Easy isn't it, knowing the characteristics of the car's AC freon running out and the solution to overcome it?

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