Makes Worry, If the Car Lights Nearby Turn Off

Overcoming the short-range car lights that are off but long-distance on is actually easy. There are tips and tricks, yes, so it can't be arbitrary.

Teknoto.Net - Overcoming close-range car lights that are off, but long-range on, you don't need to be confused.

Moreover, the hectic world of modification is now increasingly sophisticated. So, any problems related to the vehicle you have are even easier.

As a car owner, of course, you have to understand and know very well about the important things about the four-wheeled vehicle you have, including the causes of the dead close-up car lights.

Causes of Dead Car Lights Nearby, Even Long Distance Still Alive

The combination of the two lights, both near and far, must function properly. However, the possibility if one of them dies or even both is very likely.

What is the cause of this dead close-range car light, and how to work around it? Here are the causes and methods you can follow, including:

1. Relay

This is usually when the ignition is in the on position. And the battery is active, you can determine whether the lights are completely off or not.

Generally when the cable is shaken then the lights will go off and on. This relay serves to connect the cable to the power source.

If the relay has a problem, you can take the whole cable and it has never been used. Then, unplug the relay. Use the cable as a direct connector for the power source as well as the lights.

Remember, only do it if you are in a state of urgency. After that, immediately seek help at the nearest repair shop. To fix this dead light.

2. The car light bulb is off

The second indicator is that if the car's headlights are off at close range, it's probably due to the bulb itself.

It could be wrongly installed, dirty, or accidentally touched by hands. If you want to replace it, make sure your hands don't touch the glass.

You can do this third close-range car light way that you can do it well even if you do it yourself.

3. Car headlight fuse blown

The possible cause of this dead car light is a blown fuse. The electrical fuse will be collected in a box.

Where is the place under the right side of the steering wheel? The shape is similar to a tooth or two fingers.

Check and look for the fuse that is directly connected to the lamp. Then make sure whether the fuse is blown or not.

4. Unstable electrical voltage

Although this fourth factor is a little trivial, the fact is that when the electricity is less stable it can cause the car's light bulb to turn off.

In fact, an electrical system that is less stable or too high can cause the front lights of the car to turn off completely.

To check this section, use a voltmeter or multimeter. You can also check your battery if the voltage is too low or high.

Usually, if the voltage is unstable, the battery may drop or cause problems.

5. The condition of the lamp socket is dirty or loose

The fifth part that you need is the light socket. Loose or dirty lamp sockets can affect lamp performance. That is, it will be easily damaged to break.

This is caused by the electrical socket leading to the lamp is interrupted. Just check this section, if the condition is dirty, you can immediately clean it. Or if the position is loose, tidy it up immediately.

Hopefully, this method of dealing with a dead close-up car headlight can help you. So it's not just remote lights that work. But both can play an optimal role.

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