Do you know the causes and problems of the car air conditioner not being cold?

Make sure the AC is always off and only turned on when the car engine is stable enough.

Teknoto.Net - Have you ever been driving, the car air conditioner didn't feel cold even though it was fully set? Let's review the causes and problems of the car air conditioner not cold and the solution.

Cars and all their components, including air conditioning, need attention and care. It doesn't need to be every day, but at least once a month or every six months, it is mandatory to check it regularly to keep it functioning properly.

Knowing the causes and problems of the car air conditioner not being cold will also help the repair technician repair it as needed. 

Just like a doctor, the working principle of a technician is also the same, namely based on the complaints of vehicle owners.

Causes and Problems Car AC Not Cold

  1. Freon or the contents of the AC run out.
  2. The drive belt or fan belt has broken.
  3. Dirty condenser.
  4. The motor on the extra fan is dead.
  5. The magnetic clutch was damaged.
  6. Worn compressor.
  7. Excess compressor oil.
  8. The AC evaporator is clogged or dirty.
  9. Excessive pressure on the car's air conditioning system.
  10. AC filter clogged.
  11. The drain hose is clogged.
  12. The thermostat has a problem.

How to take care of car air conditioner

Keep the cabin clean

Clean the cabin from dirt and dust after the car has been used for driving or when it is used to carry many passengers. 

The front carpet is prone to getting dirty and triggers problems with the car air conditioner.

Close windows while driving

Dust or dirt from outside will enter and contaminate the air conditioner. Besides the air conditioner is less than optimal, it can also cause unpleasant odors.

Don't smoke in the car

Cigarette smoke can contaminate the evaporator and make it slimy, giving off an unpleasant odor.

Avoid turning on the AC directly

Make sure the AC is always off then turn it on when the car engine is stable enough.

Clean the condenser when washing the car

Dust and dirt if left behind and attached for a long time will cause leakage and corrosion of the condenser.

Choose a cool parking lot

A cool parking lot can make the cabin less hot so that the air conditioner does not work too hard when it is turned on.

Install the cabin filter

Cabin filters should be checked regularly when the car is serviced.

Check the condenser fan

Check if the fan is on when the air conditioner is turned on. Be careful this could cause the compressor to explode.

Open the glass before turning on the air conditioner

Open all the car windows and turn the blower to the highest level so that the air conditioner can work optimally. This is useful in order to speed up the process of cooling the cabin.

When traveling long distances, turn off the engine and AC for a while

Turn off the engine and air conditioner for a while on a long trip, so that the air conditioner does not continue to turn on especially if it is more than 4 hours.

For your information, car AC services are not cold, ranging from Rp. 300,000 to Rp. 1.5 million, depending on the level of difficulty.

The price of freon in a car air conditioner is around Rp. 150 thousand for one blower, and Rp. 250 thousand for a car that has two blowers, including the addition of compressor oil.

The causes and problems of a car air conditioner not being cold can be addressed early on if you don't want to spend a lot of money. Some can even be done alone. Save money, right?

That's an interesting review on how to fix problems that occur in car AC freon along with what things are the contributing factors.

Hopefully, the reviews we provide are useful and can be one of the right sources of information for you and others. Good luck!

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