Daihatsu Feroza Advantages And Disadvantages You Need To Know

Teknoto.Net – the advantages and disadvantages of Daihatsu Feroza that you need to know. Daihatsu Feroza is one of the most popular Jeep cars lately. Starting from an affordable price is also a body that is so dashing.

Before you buy it, you should be able to read the following reviews so that brothers and sisters, wherever you are, you can get to know Daihatsu Feroza more closely.

Three Generations of Feroza

Daihatsu Feroza has three generations in Indonesia. All three have almost the same body model, but the advantages they have are certainly different.

The first generation was born in 1993 with a period until 1996. Known as the Feroza Standard with the advantages of a strong engine sector. While the Feroza Special Edition, which was a hit from 1994 to 1996, became the second generation Feroza.

The third generation, namely Feroza G2 paved for 4 years, from 1996 to 1999. The features of this third-generation are more complex with power windows, steering, door lock control, to the independent suspension that feels smoother.

The advantages of Feroza as an SUV

Being an SUV, Feroza certainly has many advantages that become a lure for car lovers. Well, for more details, just take a look at the following explanation, friend.

1. Body Design

The most visible is the dashing interior design and looks so macho so that it is suitable for drivers who like to drive cars with high acceleration, especially off-road.

The body of the Feroza is indeed designed with a minimal appearance of curves so that it looks dashing with high ground clearance. Moreover, the B-pillar design of this car can also be used as a rollover protector.

2. Can Crash All Terrain

Daihatsu Feroza is designed as a vehicle that can be driven in all conditions. Even when it's flooded, Feroza can hit it because of its high ground clearance design so water doesn't easily enter the engine or the car.

The speed with which Feroza braved the flood was not even different from when he hit an empty street. In addition to flooded terrain, Feroza is also very safe to drive on steep muddy roads without having to worry about wheel slippage.

3. Large Load Capacity

The size of the SUV-type car is certainly no doubt about the passenger load capacity, so Feroza can of course accommodate a large load. If you want to take a vacation with your family and go on an off-road trip, of course, Feroza can accompany you.

Feroza cabin can accommodate about 6 passengers. It's so quiet that friends who have a lot of family members can certainly go on a trip.

4. Powerful Engine Performance

The torque that can be achieved by the Daihatsu Feroza engine reaches 127 Nm at 4800 RPM, friends. The engine capacity is up to 1.6 liters and is capable of producing up to 94 horsepower. The size of the engine with that number is of course able to make automotive lovers happy because its performance will be very brilliant.

Compared to a car with a carburetor engine, the Feroza is certainly better with the engine specifications. Feroza has also been equipped with an engine with a 16 valve configuration.

5. Double Wishbone & Disc-Drum Brake System

Daihatsu Feroza uses a double-wishbone suspension system with a stabilizer in the form of a torsion bar. This double-wishbone is a type of telescopic shock absorber, so the driver will be comfortable while driving, even on damaged roads.

The brake system uses disc brakes with a booster on the front wheels. For the rear wheels use drum brakes equipped with leading and trailing. As for the parking brake, Feroza has internal mechanical expansion brakes for the front wheels so that the driver feels comfortable even on sloping, downhill, and uphill roads.

Feroza Specifications

Daihatsu Feroza uses a 1600 cc 4X2 Rear Wheel Drive gasoline engine like other SUV cars. Its maximum power is 94 Hp with 5,700 RPM. The transmission system is 5 levels with manual acceleration. The maximum torque is 127 Nm which can be achieved with 4,800 RPM.

Feroza fuel uses a multipoint injection system with a tank capacity of 60L. Fuel consumption is 12.4 liters per 100 km. Feroza can reach 13.3 seconds for acceleration 0-100 km / h with a maximum speed of up to 150 km / h.

Having a large body, Feroza has 4 seats behind the wheel so it can accommodate many people. The empty weight of the Feroza is 1,325 kg which can be loaded up to 325 kg.

Disadvantages of Daihatsu Feroza

Fuel Daihatsu Feroza

For fuel, Daihatsu Feroza still uses gasoline, which is famous for being wasteful, and many call it Feroza, Pertamina's best friend. Not really if we look at the power generated.

Suspension Daihatsu Feroza

For the standard Daihatsu Feroza suspension, it is known to be very hard because the standard Feroza suspension still uses leaf springs. Depending on the terrain itself, for example for offroad, I think the standard Feroza is very appropriate because it uses leaf suspension and if friends want to travel the city with their family, they can choose the MegaTop generation that already uses independent suspension.

Power steering Daihatsu Feroza

For power steering, the standard Daihatsu Feroza, I don't admit, is hard and it's okay for daily use. the fit is indeed for the standard Feroza for offroad and if you want a soft and smooth power steering you can choose the Feroza mega top.

Hope it is useful.


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