Want to Buy a Car But Afraid of Riba? Just follow the tips below!

Want to buy a vehicle but afraid of usury? So, what are the tips for buying a car without usury? Find out the complete information below. So that you are more confident.

Teknoto.Net - Actually, there are many ways to buy a vehicle. Either from savings or through the credit system. 

But, if you don't want to deal with burdensome credit. You can see the first tips on buying a car without usury.

Follow Tips on Buying a Car Without Riba, Let Life Be More Relaxed

Sometimes dealing with this credit is too heavy. Not to mention the problem of needs that accumulate to add to the burden of thought. 

Well, if you want to buy a car but still with sharia principles or without usury, you can! Let's follow these steps!

Saving in Gold

Gold is a promising investment instrument. Saving your money in gold can be a solution. For example, take the target of two or 3 years but gold. If you want to buy a new car then you can sell it.

Besides being proven to be resistant to inflation, gold is also priced higher than the interest in the bank. So you don't have to worry if the car you're after has increased.

Arisan System

Tips to buy a car without usury the second is quite quirky. However, although this method can be done you need to choose people who can be trusted. 

Or directly to the company or institution that provides this system. Generally, this arisan system is also usury-free. 

So the price of buying a car is just divided by how many participants and the month that will be followed.

So even though the social gathering, the price of the car remains the same because there is no interest. However, it must still be carefully considered. How much monthly expenses do you have to spend? So that household finances are also not disturbed.

Find and Do a Side Job

Even though you currently have a permanent job, it is certainly allowed to do side work. For the Muslim community, of course, it is guaranteed to be halal. You can use this side business or side job to help make ends meet, or also as savings.

If you want a car, doing a side business is a must. So your steady income will not be disturbed. You are also more comfortable and less burdened.

There are lots of business recommendations or side jobs. You can sell offline or online, or according to your interests and talents. So the author, for example, or sells voice-over services or something else. But still remember, pay attention to your health condition, yes.

Setting a Savings Target

If you understand the tips above. Now is the time to determine the savings target you want to achieve. First, choose what kind of car you want to buy. 

How much does it cost, what are the advantages and disadvantages it has? Either in used or new condition.

Take for example the car you want to buy costs Rp. 60 million. You can divide it into how many years. And try to be committed and disciplined with the targets you want to achieve. 

You can also save while saving so that your desires are quickly achieved. If the spirit slack, remember again what you want to achieve.

Talk to your family members too, so they can support the decisions you make. Finally, these tips for buying a car without usury may be enlightening.

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