Various Meanings and Causes of Indicators on Cars that Must Be Understood

The condition of the car is not difficult to identify. The various meanings and causes of the indicators on the car will alert the user to the condition of the car.

Teknoto.Net - Recognizing the condition of the car is not difficult even if you do not really understand the car engine.

The car will notify via sensors so that the various meanings and causes of the indicators on the car can be known properly.

Various Meanings and Causes of Indicators on Cars

Manufacturers of all types of cars provide parameters to notify when there are changes to the device.

All the signs given do not mean giving signs in the form of bad things will happen.

There is no uniformity in the delivery of messages through notifications. The speedometer doesn't just provide information.

There are certain reasons that not only inform how speed, engine speed, and fuel conditions.

The existing symbols will send notifications to the panel. Its location is designed close to the steering wheel for easy viewing.

The following are the various meanings and causes of indicators on cars, including:

Check Machine

The car computer will read if there is a problem with the engine. Inside the engine section, there are many components.

To find out the details of the problem that occurs, a technician is needed. Technicians use a special tool called OBD or On-Board Diagnostic.

Radiator Temperature

Radiator indicator consists of several colors. The blue color indicates that the engine temperature is not hot enough to work.

The various meanings and causes of the indicator on the car, if it is red, it means the radiator is too hot. You must immediately turn off the car engine.

Oil pressure

When the oil pressure logo illuminates, all you have to do is stop the vehicle. You have to stand still and wait for the engine temperature to drop.

After that, you can only add oil. This logo warns of a pressure drop or a decrease in the amount of engine oil.


It is a pity, for this symbol varies between car manufacturers. There are several symbols in common, such as a key sign, pliers, a car, or a machine hand key.

If this sign appears or lights up, you should immediately schedule an inspection of the condition of the vehicle.

However, you don't need to worry because certain car manufacturers activate this indicator to remind you of the periodic maintenance you should do.


As the main component for the electrical needs of the car, the battery has its own indicator. The indicator will light up if there is an anomaly.

Things that usually happen, including a decrease in electrical power in the battery.

Another reason may be that the alternator's ability to generate electricity has decreased.

Power Steering

Steering guide systems are increasingly diverse following the times and types of cars. There are two types of power steering, namely hydraulic and electric.

However, what makes the equation is that when an anomaly occurs it will cause a decrease in control.

When the steering wheel logo lights up, something abnormal is happening to the steering system, so you must immediately take care of it.

Unreadable Key

You can see the keys are not legible on the car with the immobilizer system. The car will not start unless the key is supposed to be used.

Even if you use a smart key or a mechanical key, if it's not the key from the car, it won't turn on. Do not start the car when the ink indicator is on.

The various meanings and causes of the indicators on the car give you a warning that there is something unusual about the car. It can also remind you to do routine maintenance. Hope it is useful!

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