Types of Axle Oil and Their Use in Vehicles

In addition to engine oil, axle oil must also be changed periodically within a certain time. In choosing it, identify the types of axle oil and their designation.

Teknoto.Net - Vehicles require several types of oil, one of which is axle oil. Know the types of axle oils and their uses. Determine the most appropriate for your vehicle.

Axle oil is a lubricant used in certain components and must be replaced periodically. This oil is so important for the vehicle to keep the axle or gear functioning. If the axle oil is not changed for a long time, the vehicle is at risk of damage.

Types of Axle Oil and Its Purpose

Axle oil is an oil specially made for vehicle gears. In motor vehicles, this oil is specifically used in automatic motors. In mobile vehicles, it is usually used in trucks and cars with rear-wheel drive systems.

In addition, axle oil is also used for cars that have 4WD technology. Some of the vehicles with 4WD technology include Jeeps, Mercedes Benz, rally cars, sports cars, and others.

Axle Oil Change

In addition to being used, the vehicle also needs to be cared for. Changing the axle oil regularly will take care of the vehicle so that it remains in a good performance.

Vehicles that start making loud noises usually indicate that the axle oil is not good. You need to replace it immediately so that the vehicle can still be used. 

Do not allow friction because the lubricant is already diluted to make the vehicle damaged.

Axle oil changes have a certain time span in order to maintain the condition of the vehicle.

Axle Oil Change On Motor Matic

In automatic motors, the axle oil does not need to be changed every month. You just need to replace it every 3-4 months or you have traveled 8,000-10,000 KM.

Car Axle Oil Change

Change the axle oil on the car at least twice a year or have traveled 40,000 KM. Because the interval is quite long, many neglects this oil change. In fact, the oil that is not goodwill causes the axle to be disproportionate.

The type of axle oil and its designation vary, as well as the price. This depends on the SAE or the viscosity of the oil.

Axle oil for large axles such as trucks, buses, SUVs, pickups, should use oil with high or thick SAE. Suitable axle oils have SAE 90-140 single grade.

Diluted oil is not good because the layer is thinner, so it is not suitable for large engine vehicles. Diluted oil also cannot fit into the very narrow openings of large vehicles.

Axle Oil for small axles such as Sedans, City Cars, and others. Usually, this car is often used on urban roads with light terrain. The recommended axle oil has a light SAE.

Suitable axle oils have SAE 75W-90 or 80W-90 multi grades. Light terrain requires a more fluid axle oil so as not to overload the engine.

In choosing axle oil, don't forget to pay attention to vehicles with LSD or Limite Slip Differential. Cars with LSD have a rear-wheel function that will rotate in unison. However, don't worry because there are special oils for cars with LSD functions.

Those are some things we can say about the type of axle oil and its designation on vehicles, hopefully, it will be useful.

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