Tools for Creating Lasting Banners

Printing materials and tools for making banners are increasingly diverse as printing techniques develop. Adjusting consumer tastes and for optimal results.

Teknoto.Net - With the development of banner printing techniques, the tools for making banners and their materials have changed. This is to support the needs of consumers and optimize results.

Types of Tools for Making Banners

Banners have an important role in promotional print media. The existence of the banner helps the product information so that it can be conveyed and easy to read. Banners can be installed indoors or outdoors.

For those of you who want to open banner and banner printing, you should pay attention to the tool for making banners. The number of materials and tools available requires you to be more observant in choosing the best.

The following will explain the banner printing materials that you should know, including:

Chinese Flexi

The tool to create the first Banner is Flexi China. The material is a bit soft, a bit thin, and rough. But it has fiber in it.

Most commonly used in the printing industry has a weight of 230 grams to 400 grams. This material is widely used for printing

  • Banner,
  • Billboard,
  • pennant,
  • X Banners,
  • Roll-Ups,
  • Y Banner
  • Photowall
  • Mini X Banner
  • Wallpapers
  • Background
  • Billboard
  • Backwall

The advantages of this material have a good level of strength when in the indoor area. This is due to not being exposed to rain and sunlight.

For outdoor use, the resistance of China's Flexi material will decrease.

The material is easy to tear and crack. The ink also fades easily. China's Flexi material is still sought after because of its economic price.

Korean Flexi

The Korean Flexi type of material tends to be rough and a little thicker. For print quality, it produces high print quality.

Korean Flexi material can be used to print:

  • X Banner
  • Mini X Banner
  • Y Banners,
  • Roll Up Banner
  • Background

The gramation used is 230 grams to 350 grams. The roll width of the material has a width of between 250cm, 320cm, and 550cm.

German Flexi

German Flexi has better quality than China and Korea Flexi materials. The thickness of this type of material is very good.

Can be used for the manufacture of outdoor advertising media.

It weighs about 230 to 400 grams. The price is indeed more expensive but comparable to the quality it has.

German Flexi materials are not always available in all printers, only large ones.

Most printers prefer to provide banner printing materials that are affordable.


Albatross banner printing material has a smooth and soft texture.

Suitable for making indoor promotional media. Can also be used for large photo print media.


Has a slightly rough texture, shiny and thin.

Widely used for the manufacture of indoor advertising media. The surface of this material is glossy so it does not need to be coated again.

There are many types of tools for making banners and which can certainly be adjusted to the tastes of consumers.

The most important thing is to make and design the best possible banner, in addition to attracting customer buying interest.

Banners that are made attractively also add to the beauty of businesses that are being built and started.

How, are you familiar with the types and tools used to make banners?

Hopefully, the reviews above are useful and can be an inspiration for those of you who want to start a business.

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